As we trade in the rosé and beach towels for cashmere and cider, I've been thinking about ways to continue to enjoy Newport and our surrounding cities without succumbing to pandemic fatigue. There are so many places to enjoy, while masking up and maintaining a distance from others, during what is arguably the most charming season of the year in the city by the sea. Here are a few of my favorites, but let me know yours too!

Apple Picking at Sweet Berry Farm

Nothing sets the tone for some autumnal bliss like apple picking in New England. There are of course dozens of orchards, but I love the small, yet full of variety trees at Sweet Berry Farm. Plus you cannot beat the little market inside for almost all of your shopping.

The Pumpkin Patch at Botanica

If you want that instant satisfaction of all the fall feels, make a trip out to Botanica to see the massive amount of pumpkins at this wonderful mom and pop stop. I love Botanica year round for their curated selection of flowers, herbs and trees, but their fall pumpkin piles are a highlight of the year. If you have never been to Botanica, I highly recommend you make the trek as there really is no way to describe how magical this little place is without seeing with your own eyes.

Image: Kristen Coates

Catching Waves at Surfer's Cove

Now I am certainly not one to surf, or even get in the water on a summer day in Newport. But there is something almost hypnotic watching the crowds at Surfer's Cove, sun, rain or snow. There have been some incredible waves rolling in over the last couple of weeks and there have been tons of people out there. Pack a lunch and walk up the hill a little, there's a bench perfect for people watching! 

Image: Michael J. Paddon

Al Fresco Dining at Giusto

Everything at Giusto is just right. And now it's even better! With expanded outdoor heating, the patio just became the best seat in town for enjoying the waterfront in fall too. Bundle up, take a walk downtown and treat yourself to the new seasonal menu at Giusto. Then take a walk around Hammetts Hotel and see the latest exhibit up at the Sarah Langley Gallery with work by Karin Gielen. 

Shopping on Bellevue

I know I am partial to Bellevue Avenue since my store is there, but I have to say as a local, I also do all my shopping here too. Loren Hope on William Street has the most excellent holiday collection out already, Gingys and Michael Hayes are brimming with beautiful fall collections and I just got the greatest dress at X&O Boutique. On my block, Harper & Tucker are now open limited hours and Pasta Beach makes for the perfect mid-shopping lunch spot. 

Stroll Historic Hill

Perhaps one of my favorite things to do is just stroll my neighborhood and see the sweet decor and changing foliage. Historic Hill is like being inside a living, breathing museum you can see from the sidewalks. But don't take my word for it! Take your own adventure through this gas lamp lit neighborhood and find gems like The Royal Male, Toci and end at Trinity Church where you can pick up a pumpkin or keep walking until you get to Washington Square park and enjoy dinner at Bar 'Cino or Stoneacre like a local. 

All photos by Shannon Hammond unless otherwise noted. See more of her stunning imagery on her website or follow her on Instagram here. And for some inspired seasonal home decor, see our section on the Fall Refresh here


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  • Nicely written snapshot of a beautiful city at a beautiful time to enjoy it!

    Thanks for shining a light on what’s great about living here with or without COVID. xo

    tricia coleman on

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