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I fall deeply in love often. Mostly with art, with Michael and Sofia daily and sometimes I indulge in tiny torrid love affairs with books. I love the smell of paper and the crispness in my hands, the weight of the book. Authors give me chills with words and stories and especially beautiful imagery. I use books for inspiration and in my decor, the coffee tables at home and in the studio and certainly on the shelves at the gallery are a constant rotation of my new favorites. This month I am launching the my Coffee Table Book Club program. Just one of the many new offers I am rolling out in the coming months you won’t find anywhere else.

Kristen Coates Coffee Table Book Club
Why start with The Lost Kitchen. Well, because if you do a little research on Erin French and her restaurant The Lost Kitchen (see this video here) you too will fall in love with her spirited approach at cooking seasonal coastal New England fair. Something I think we all relate to here in Newport. Do you know that I keep cookbooks on my coffee table? Hear me out! New cook books on the coffee table have 100% more likely chance of being glanced at and read and recipes noted than ones kept in the kitchen… by the time I get to the kitchen to make meals, the plan is already in place and I likely already have groceries in hand ready with a plan.

The Lost Kitchen By Erin French Kristen Coates

Details: Sign up for my Coffee Table Book Club monthly, bi-monthly (every other month) or quarterly at a discounted rate with complimentary domestic shipping. Receive books I personally handpick with a note by me as to why I chose it and periodic styling tips and reminders on switching out books and changing up your space including shelves and of course, your coffee table. 

Fine Print: Receive your first order at a discounted rate by subscribing to my book club monthly, bi-monthly (every other month) or quarterly. If you cancel for any reason after the first month you will be billed for the cover price and shipping. If you would like to cancel at any time after your second delivery there is no penalty and can be done so with a simple unsubscribe email before the 15th of any month prior to your next shipment. 

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