Inspired by wintery afternoons spent with my grandmother leafing through the Neiman Marcus gift catalog, my Dreamy 2022 Gift Guide 

Ceramic Wonder By Letitia Rouget
Letitia Rouget's whimsical world of wonderful ceramics fills a void of happiness I can't totally articulate... but scroll through her work and you will see what I mean.  

To Be Magnetic Annual Membership For The Pathway
It's no secret I am a huge fan of manifestation. Lacy Phillips and her method is nothing short of magic. 

J Schatz Studio The Utilità Undercover
These gorgeous jewels from modern ceramicist, J Schatz, in Boothbay Harbor, Maine go from oven to dinner table to refrigerator and make for the most beautiful cooking / serving / storage piece. It's the collection of each color and size for me. 


TOM SACHS, Too Darn Hot (2022), Limited Edition Print
Art print? Yes. NFT? Yes, that too. Currency? I think so. This is for the genius on your list who has everything and needs a project to decipher to really appreciate the gift. 

Willy Rizzo Lacquered Coffee Table From Lobel Modern

Evan Lobel has the most amazing eye for exquisite pieces for the home found at Lobel Modern and the deliciousness of this table makes my heart sing for so many design reasons. 

I have been a longtime subscriber of this online publication brought to us by Gradon Carter. Recently the Airmail launched a leather collaboration with Metier and I love all the desk accessories. 

Alex and Trahanas Garments

I love this brands tableware, but the clothing sets and kaftans are out of this world perfect  


I honestly cannot pick just one of this company's unisex pieces. They're all incredible. 

Tony Matelli Sculpture
Arrangements, Tony Matelli's next show, is now open at Nino Mier LA. I'll take one of everything except maybe the decapitated figure of Mr. Matelli himself. 

Fornasetti Panettone
The Fornasetti panettone is the Atelier's homage to the city of Milan, combining decoration and gastronomic tradition. Perfect for the discerning hostess with Italian flair. 

Simon Pearce's Enchanted Forest
The charming glass trees by Simon Pearce really come alive in the Enchanted Forest, complete with LED lighting to make your whole vignette sparkle.

Object (that comes apart and can also be bookends) by Colin King
Stylist and designer Colin hits the mark with his second collection of home objects with Menuspace and I particularly love the duality of this piece. The branch vases are a close second favorite. 

 Peter Tunney Collage Painting
Artist Peter Tunney, known (and loved) for his pieces depicting words with underlying messages and imagery with even more underlying messages also takes commissions making this a truly personal gift

Food52 Mugs52
Food52 asked 52 of their favorite pottery studios to create a one-of-a-kind mug that shows off their style. The happy result? A lineup of limited-edition ceramic vessels in a whole parade of shapes and colors. 


Christopher John Rogers Dresses from McMullen
Dress up this festive season with a vibrantly colorful artwork like dress by Christopher John Rogers - I love the selection at the boutique McMullen.

Olivia Bonilla Gummies
Don't love wearing your colorful art? How about we put it on the wall with these way too sweet oversized gummy bears by artist Olivia Bonilla, I bet you can't buy just one!


Sarah Espeute Table Linens
These give me big Italian long lunch vibes with a hint of my paintings in my On Holiday series. Great for getting and for gifting


Nowhere X Gwyneth Cookie Collection
What says Happy Holidays more than a box of organic cookies curated by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow? 


Wine Tasting at Podere le Ripi
This must be experienced in Tuscany, but who am I to put restrictions on where you need to go for gifts. This vineyard is so magical and the wine is divine. Plus, they ship to the US for all the take home bottles you will need back home to unwind from your excursion. 

Estelle Colored Glassware 
Trade in your jewel toned glassware for something a bit more moody this season and treat the hostess on your list with wine glasses, coupes and lovely double old fashioned glasses. 

America's Eden by John R. Tschirch
Newport's very own John R. Tschirch, an architectural historian and author, put together this gorgeous book of "Newport Landscapes Through The Ages"


RW Guild OVO Table and Chairs
The new OVO Table and Chairs in Oxidized Oak, perfect for hosting for the holidays, is available exclusively at The Guild

Castor Fleuriste Arrangement
Now you have to go to Paris, France to receive your arrangement, but I promise, any gift from Louis-Géraud Castor is worth the travel commitment 

Haute Chocolate Brooklyn Gift Box
Photographer turned chocolatier, Beryl Fine, artfully curates her delicious collections of chocolate perfect for gifting

Olga Ginori Dinner Plate for Cabana
For someone that loves setting the table as much as they entertaining, this collaboration is one of my dreams, never mind the description includes words like "painterly swirls"

Kehinde Wiley The Grace Candle
I love a good candle, but I love one with a great message by an incredible artist even more. The Grace Candle is titled after Kehinde Wiley's exhibition An Economy of Grace, the artist's first-ever series dedicated to female subjects which celebrates the strength and beauty of Black femininity. 

Dandelion Chocolate Advent Calendar
This is one of the most beautifully made commercial advent calendars with the added bonus of being filled with delicious chocolate!

Jane Yang - D'Haene Ceramic Vessel
Ceramicist, Jane Yang - D'Haene creates some of the most stunning work, and a lot of it, for her studio, D-Haene Studio, in Brooklyn.

NuShape Zero EMF Sauna Blanket 
Enjoy the benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you want to take your portable light therapy device. Now without EMFs!


Betsy Enzensberger Sweet Sculpture
I have enjoyed Betsy's whimsical sculptures and think they would make a great piece for collectors young and old.

Dream Gown from Moda Operandi
Okay, so this was not my first choice, but the floor length gown and matching cape by Elie Saab was no longer available so I turn to this stunning Valentino bow detail look, because, what else am I going to wear to the next item on my list? 

Palazzo from Casa Tuscany
Knowing me, you might think a sprawling palazzo in the rolling hills of Tuscany would be for me. And maybe at some point I would love this, but for now, my top gift of this guide is as follows.

French Villa from the Kretz Family
It's the Lifestyle section of the Kretz Family website featuring real estate from my wildest dreams that makes for my top gift on this list. I've dropped all the hints I can muster and talk into Michael's phone and Alexa in hopes he gets bombarded with ads, but we will need to wait until Christmas morning to see if this one's under the tree for me this year!

I hope this list guide was a fun way to start the holiday shopping season and brought you a little bit of joy and a chuckle here and there. I love everything on this list, not that it's all really attainable, but hopefully inspirational! 

Image and some content from each brand, business or artist respectively

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