Image courtesy of Trixie B. Wadson

The original title of this was going to be Surviving Quarantine in Newport, but after the first few days of self isolation (due to a little family interstate travel), I realized I really wasn't actually suffering anything other than some basic fomo. I think all of us have felt this at some point since the pandemic started and all I had to do to relieve it was think about things I have always wanted to do, but really have never had the time or motivation to do them on this island. These last few weeks have been filled with golden moments I’ll hold with me forever and draw from for inspiration long past the lifespan of Covid. 

Image courtesy of Sam Cassidy, cheese and wine from Grapes & Gourmet, Jamestown

As a painter and owner of a business that takes much of my attention as an individual, I spend a lot of time on my own. I often covet that time. But there is something about losing my summer social life in an attempt to stay safe - there are no galas or fundraisers for four hundred guests, Michael and I won’t be perusing the specimen tent at the Newport Flower Show or dancing late at night with La Di Das - and that made me pause. We have hardly braved below Spring Street (except to visit Arnold Art, our new official framer!) or beyond our immediate friend group as teams of tourists flock to Newport (thankfully supporting our local economy). I felt a real loss at the start of this summer at the prospects of sheltering in place for months on end, but in the last several weeks I have found a new side of this island and possibly myself that would be the real loss had I missed out on all these magical discoveries.

Image courtesy of Trixie B. Wadson

I know people are struggling to make the safety/sanity of Covid balance work alongside managing all the uncertainty. Hopefully this is a little lighthearted glimpse into what can be when you get a little creative with your time. As we approach the last dash for making the most of a New England summer, I put together this list of all the things I have done in isolation (and later with friends) and a few I aspire to do before the end of August. I hope you find inspiration here and there and get creative to make up your own island adventure - be sure to share your ideas with me!

Image courtesy of Trixie B. Wadson

Put together a staged photoshoot inspired by old postcards or your favorite Instagram account. We had so much fun in this girl group that we have vowed to get together more often to create new content and have a lot of laughs. Sometimes the journey of something like this is more rewarding than the destination. 

Image courtesy of Trixie B. Wadson

There are 400 miles of coastline in Rhode Island 41.5 Of those miles are on Aquidneck Island. Find a place away from others that feels secluded and you can be on an island anywhere dreaming the day away. I highly recommend finding provisions at Grapes & Gourmet in Jamestown. Their cheese boards, accoutrement and beverage selection is top shelf!

There is no better time than to take up a new hobby or activity. I obviously love to paint and lose hours on end making new things in my studio. Whether you take up surfing or sewing or finally get to some of your reading list or late summer gardening, I promise filling your days with something productive will feel more worthwhile than scrolling Instagram and feeding your fomo anxiety! My Italian is finally starting to be somewhat decipherable (I am being so generous here), the yard is blooming with more flora and fauna than I can keep up with and the store has never looked better (yes, obsessively rearranging everything in my life to be perfect can count as a hobby) oh! and my reading list is getting slightly shorter with every passing week. What are you doing to enrich your summer and stoke the flames of creativity within you?

Walk a place you’ve never been before. This sounds so silly, but after being familiar with this island for almost four decades I am still discovering places unknown to me. This image is from the Art & Newport exhibition at a Belmont Chapel - learn more here - but I have been in more places I've never known this summer in Newport and beyond than ever before. What a breath of fresh air.

Catch the sun rising or setting. See some wildlife. Meditate outdoors. Stare into the ocean tides until you know how the rest of your life unfolds. It's all here. This image captures the moment all my fomo left my being. What else do you need when this is all just so perfect. 

I hope you and yours are making the most of this summer. I would love to hear how you're all exploring all this island has to offer and maybe I'll see you out there (from a distance of course and behind a mask). XO Kristen 

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