Wim Botha Installation at 21c Museum Hotel, Durham, NC

The Sunday Night Digest = me + glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into happenings next week. You're Welcome.

Guys, I almost missed the Sunday Night Digest. This last week has been so wild!

I don’t know if I’ll ever spend NYE anywhere else again. I loved seeing my bff Bridget Foy and her husband, artist and restauranteur, Paul Rodriguez (I am VERY hopeful to bring his paintings into the gallery this spring!). Their new restaurant Cry Baby Pasta, where the vibe is as perfect as the pasta, was the perfect place to by NYE. 

We did some serious celebrating on the 31st, but the real party was New Year’s Day with the Mummer parade! If this is not something you have experienced I urge you to look into it and I'll meet you there! The energy of the city is magnificent and the performances, costumes and sheer magic of the day is truly inspiring... and totally insane. People start around 10am and end pretty close to January 2.

Thursday I got up, got some coffee and got on the road with Sofia. To sit in traffic for 3 hours before leaving Pennsylvania because of a major accident. It was kind of a good reminder to take my time and be careful. This is the longest trip I’ve been on solo and driving the entire time. The rest of the drive was uneventful thankfully. But I did take in some great podcasts: The Futur (a must listen for the creative professional) - #60. with Errol Gerson was particularly wonderful (thanks Will Tingle for this recommendation, I've listened twice now!!), Expanded with Lacy Phillips and My Favorite Murder (if you embark on this series I recommend listening to a few episodes and then starting at the beginning and going "all the way to the top!". And for audiobooks: Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, To Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow, Dare to Lead by Brené Brown and Calypso by David Sedaris. I like to switch it up while driving so keep those recommendations coming!

Wim Both Exhibition in the lobby of 21c Museum Hotel, Durham, NC

I posted a bit on Instagram about the brilliance of the 21c Museum Hotel in Durham, NC. They have a Wim Botha exhibition and it was extraordinary to get so close to so many incredible pieces... at a hotel! 

The restaurant at 21c Museum Hotel is fraught with great art

This may sound odd, but instead of gas stations and fast food I stop at Whole Foods for breaks and snacks. Driving to Atlanta was a breeze with a couple of strategic stops to break up the 6 hour drive. 

Then on to New Orleans! I met up with my old friend and photographer Jacqueline Marque at the Ace Hotel. It was so fun to catch up and to see her after traveling solo for a few days. If you do not follow her on Instagram, you should! And for anyone that needs their home or business photographed, she is an incredible interiors photographer (and travels to come to you!). I think we need a 10 Questions here, but in the meantime check her out on Instagram @jmarquephoto

Just a random quintessentially perfect restaurant in New Orleans basking in the soft sun of January. Did you know the entire city turns into a glittering black and gold tailgate party during Saints games? I did not either until this morning!

I am so eager to get painting once I’m in Miami. Having a few days of sensory overdrive has been inspiring and let's face it, exhausting. I am here in New Orleans for a few nights before heading to Florida and just ordered takeout to watch to Golden Globes with Sofia (this is actually coming a little later because I had to stop and watch Kate McKinnon's beautiful presentation of the Carol Burnett Award to Ellen DeGeneres and sob/laugh). I have so many wonderful recommendations from friends on Instagram but let me know if you have something to share below in comments - currently in New Orleans and driving to Miami Beach... here, there or anything in between (is there anything in between?!)! And follow along on Instagram #coatesinresidence 


#coatesinresidence Sofia

Happy weekend from our family to yours
Much love XO Kristen


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