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Wish you were here. Really. Today was the first day on this trip that I felt that surge of homesickness you only get from being out of town for two weeks or knowing that your homecoming has no end in sight. Do not get me wrong. I love traveling and I am so thrilled to be in Miami Beach where I am getting more inspiration than I ever bargained for and I am so excited to share two new series with you so soon...very soon, stay tuned this week for release dates!

I think part of my homesickness stems from missing my store. I know, this is so lame because it’s work, but as you probably know, my shop is so much more to me than just work. Instead of getting weepy about it, I worked on updating my website today…something long overdue and with more to come! Be sure to check out the Installations page for inspiration. Most people change their wardrobe with the seasons, but I like to freshen up with art. Going through some of these client submissions has given me some ideas for the shop and at home. Hopefully a few images will grab you too!

Excited to incorporate this vibe into an abstract painting!

While I’m here in Miami and seeing art and artists and friends and just absorbing it all, I am also painting. I have decided that I will open up three spots for commissions for custom paintings so if there’s something on your mind, send me a note. I didn’t realize how not painting for two weeks would make me want to paint so much more when getting back to it!

Note this magnificent shop asap: La Sandwicherie

One of my favorite things to do when I get to any town is revisit the spots that have left me with memories strong enough to seduce me back to their locale. The Standard Miami is an obvious and almost mandatory stop upon returning to Miami as the restorative spa, pool and gardens throughout the property are undeniably the best way to recharge after say, a crazy holiday season in retail and a very long drive south filled with a full New Year’s Eve and a very food driven stop in New Orleans!! The detox The Standard so effortlessly provides with morning yoga, a Hammam and full spa plus the juice bar and infinity pool I cannot help myself. Plus they LOVE Sofia and she LOVES them right back, specifically my dear friend and Concierge extraordinaire, Crispy. This is not an ad. I just love The Standard and all it has given me over the years (13 years of staying there to be exact!). My first food stop in Miami is almost always La Sandwicherie (followed by KYU, more on that soon). I share this with you so that you can stop missing out on the best sandwich that ever was plus the French dressing is so beyond I am almost tempted to head back as I write this and order another sandwich! Put it on your list! I have a mini city guide for Miami drafted and you can be sure these favorites plus more will be on it!

The Orb at The Betsy

I would say a fair amount of my time here in Florida has been spent being lost! My GPS does not really work that well here and somehow I’ve ended up walking in circles with Sofia to find even just the basics (it’s so much worse during Art Basel when everything is so spread out and basically everyone is lost!). The good news is I am seeing a lot of public art and art installations I might miss while driving right to a spot. Like The Orb at The Betsy. Years ago Andy Spade made a book my dear friend Jemme Aldridge illustrated the cover for named The Benefits of Looking Up. I have to say since purchasing that little volume of iPhone photos Spade took while looking upward toward the sky around New York City and photographing all that he found there has inspired me to do the same. Here’s to looking onward and upward!

Happy weekend from our family to yours
See you in the gallery and online. Much love XO Kristen


The (Online) Shop Stats - Yes, we are still very open online!
Most overall viewed on website this week: Positano by Michael J. Paddon (will this image ever get old?! Not in my opinion!)
Best seller this week artwork by Grace Windsor
New work in the gallery by artist Luke Brunner
Composed listening to Sofia snoring and drinking a glass of peach detox tea, because January!

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