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The Sunday Night Digest = me + glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into happenings next week. You're Welcome. 

This weekend Newport Polo put on a fantastic two day beach polo event in Middletown and I managed to totally mess up the time today so that we arrived basically at the last moment the last car left the parking lot. I blame Mercury Retrograde, but it could be because I have no real sense of time, ever.  But here's a beautiful photograph Michael took last year. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw some images of the gorgeous Hammetts Hotel coming along in my stories. I am very excited about all of the artwork being created for this project and this coming week marks the start of placement... long before the artwork is actually placed at the hotel this spring. I'll keep posting on Instagram and likely put together a more detailed blog post as this whole process has been truly wonderful and even a bit miraculous!

In December Stoneacre Brasserie launched their Fernet Club just in time for Michael's birthday... it was the perfect gift! We stopped in after dinner one night this week for a little Fernet and a cheeseboard and I think it might be something we do more often, especially this time of year. Sign up for your own bottle and join the Fernet Club by contacting Stoneacre Brasserie!

Also in restaurant news, Forty1 North now has a pretty great Bistro Menu on Thursday evenings. I was so busy enjoying my meal and our friends we were dining with that I forgot to take more photos. The Lentil Salad and Steak Frites (says MJP, I'm vegetarian) are dynamite! We typically go to the Fermentation Class on Wednesdays, but now we have a reason to go on Thursdays too! Check out the menu here.

          Photo credit: Harper & Tucker

This weekend my friends Harper & Tucker opened their new location at 146 Bellevue - this is in my building where my store is, to the left beside Lemay Antiques - and their space is GORGEOUS! Not to mention Natalie and Dakota are just lovely businesswomen and are already wonderful new neighbors! I hope you get the chance to pop by their place and see for yourself. 

           Image Credit: NewportFILM

Michael and I are very excited to be on the committee for the 7th Annual NewportFILM friend raiser and would like to personally invite you to join us for some fun 80s music and costumes, cocktails and a raffle we all want to win Saturday, March 7. Added bonus! Our friends and presenting sponsor, Loren Hope, made a commemorative 80s inspired pin just for the event and all proceeds go to benefit NewportFILM! Get your tickets here and your pin here - don't miss the best winter party 7 years strong!!

Happy weekend from our family to yours
See you in the gallery and online. Much love XO Kristen

The Shop Stats 
Most overall viewed on website this week: Calypso By Rebecca Radler
Best seller this week artwork by Kristen Coates - thank you!
New work in the gallery and online this week by Diana Krinninger
Composed listening to All Out 60s playlist on Spotify while drinking a slightly dirty martini which feels oddly fitting.  

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