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I don't entirely know how it is Sunday again already, but how about that springtime feeling here in New England?! I have been soaking up the sunshine every chance I get and the dogs are loving the yard and all the trees and plants and birds surrounding us. Have you started thinking about your outdoor furnishings and what you hope to have set up as the days are getting a little longer and thankfully a little warmer? I ordered new covers for our outdoor cushions and talked to Jill at Cottage and Garden about ordering a bunch of pots for plantings. More to come as our sweet little outdoors space comes together. 

New Horizons 2021 By Kristen Coates

With all this good weather I have seen a direct correlation to an uptick in my painting productivity at my home studio. I am so happy to be inspired by revisiting an older series of mine, you would it know it by Horizons if you've followed my work over the years. I am not entirely sure why I took such a big pause from creating these, but if you're a fan of this work, you are in luck. The gallery will be brimming with it in the days and weeks ahead and I hope to get more up online (there is a major backlog I hope to get through soon!). In the meantime, we are very quietly opening the doors this week. Send a text to (401) 684-0211 to check, but I am hoping by mid April we are open regular hours again, Yay!

A "shelfie" taken at the store this week

A note about the shop reopening. This year was obviously one like no other. I have come to learn, through essentially becoming a temporary shipping warehouse for most of 2020, that I need to be more centered in both art and home and less with gift. I am so happy to bring in more art, more furnishings, more decor and more goods for the home (which can always be thoughtful gifts) as I move away from the apothecary and novelty items. There will be the occasional straw hat display (how can I resist) and stacks of other things like books and glassware and handmade pottery that may make a more thoughtful gift than some of the smaller items you may have found in times past. I think it will make a better experience for you shopping in store and online and be more in line with what I am passionate about sharing - inspiring design for the home. With that said, I know so many of you have fallen in love with collections we have stocked over the years and I am thrilled to recommend where to buy them locally and of course online. 

Image of our dining room at The John Goddard House

If you are following along on Instagram and Instagram Stories, you are privy to the beginnings of our dining room at our new home. I have a strong aversion to delicate antiques and attempting to make it look like I live in an 18th century Quaker Colonial, when that really does not work in these times or for our everyday living. With this home, Michael and I think of ourselves more as stewards rather than owners. This means working with what we have, restoring what once was and perhaps adding a few updates, without making major changes to this 300 year old historic home. But just because we aren't up for gutting a national treasure doesn't mean we can't have all the contemporary art and home furnishings we have loved and collected over the years. Let me know if you want to see more of our progress in our new home and if you think this dining room needs a blog post of its own. I would love to hear from you!

Happy weekend from our family to yours

The Shop Stats 
Top artist this week Kent Maxwell - we are currently sold out of his work, but don't fret, I have a studio visit in the very near future where I intend to bring everything I see back to Newport! 
Most viewed piece this week Untitled by Pamela Granbery
Most viewed non-art item this week Botanical Stemless Wine Glass

For those making appointments or visiting for curbside pickup please be kind, wear a mask and keep some space so we can all feel safe. And if you have any symptoms of feeling unwell go ahead and stay home. We will ship your order to you!

If you are receiving this on a day that is not Sunday, it's because our email system sends out a second time, later in the week, to those that have not opened their email on Sunday...

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