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The Sunday Night Digest = me + a possible glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into happenings next week. You're Welcome.

We are all in this thing together 

Signs of spring are all over the gallery this week as I have been super busy bringing in tons of new work to brighten up the space. Somehow keeping the shop stocked and ready for visitors (although they can’t come inside just yet) gives me the same feeling of getting dressed every morning. See new art here (and I'm adding more almost every day thankfully!)

Image credit Oh my prints

I am particularly excited to roll out a new feature called Live Preview on my online shop this week. You can see it on a number of pieces under the Shop - Art section of my website making it easier to shop virtually for the perfect new piece. View artwork in rooms to gauge size, or better, upload your own wall to see art colors and scale. I would love to see your rooms with my art in them! And of course for your feedback as we make shopping for art virtually a little bit easier. 

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I am beyond thrilled to see Hammetts Hotel come together and it truly is stunning! This week I get to work on art placement for each of the guest rooms and there are so many pieces I just absolutely love - the overall aesthetic between the art and design is a dream come true and exactly what Newport needed downtown! 

I don't think it is a secret that I love Italy. On one of our last trips (okay, on two of our last trips) I was asked to leave an establishment for being "a rude American" (let's just say I will call out a tourist trap when I see one and shame the one who recommends it to us - these are usually hotel concierge that get a kickback for the referral) and I vowed I would make a real effort to learn enough Italian to argue respectably should (when) the occasion arise again on future trips. During all of the horror Italy has faced during this pandemic, my heart has broken for their country and I really cannot wait to get back. I am happy to say I started an online class, I am horrible so far! but loving it and it really does give me hope to return to Italy or even Pasta Beach really. Are you taking any classes or learning something new to keep your spirits up and use some of this new found time? 


Stay tuned this week - I am launching a special candle for Mother's Day with a very special message along with my Mother's Day Market where you can put together perfectly curated gift sets with yours truly for all the moms in your world. Newsletter with details will come out this week! 

Happy weekend from our family to yours
Much love XO Kristen

The Shop Stats 
Most overall viewed on website this week Capri Sun by Michael J. Paddon
Best seller this week artwork by Kristen Coates - thank you!
New work coming soon from Wendy Briggs Powell, Ashley Provencher, Nancy Parsons, Michelle Brunner, Rebecca Adler, Alannah Grasso (she makes porcelain pasta!!!!!!!) and more! I can't wait to share it all with you.
Composed while sipping a fantastic and very drinkable Italian table wine, Tenuta Casaletti Valpolicella - thanks Wyatt at Bellevue Wine & Spirits for the recommendation and the delivery!

A major thank you to all of those working on the front lines. Healthcare workers, cashiers, delivery, first responders - I have been in awe how so many have come to our aid in order for us to stay home. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

If you are receiving this on a day that is not Sunday, it's because our email system sends out a second time, later in the week, to those that have not opened their email on Sunday...

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