Digest = me + a possible glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into future happenings. You're Welcome.

This one is going to be short and sweet because we are thoroughly weekending over here and I hope you are too! I just have a few little notes to share. 

Image Shannon Hammond

If you've been following me along on Instagram, you've been getting a couple of sneak peak shots from my interior design project. And the answer is yes, I will be sharing a lot more and even a new website with more of my projects (design ! Books ! creative endeavors I don't even talk about !!) integrated all in one place. I cannot wait to share that with you. In the meantime, Instagram is where it is at. More on my collaboration with a whole host of wonderful talent and the project that wouldn't be possible without simply the best friend and client!

Image Helmut Newton for Vogue

This week Mattie and I are going to dip our toes into a live chat where we answer a lot more questions from friends, clients and fans. We get a lot of great requests and some hilarious inquiries we think would be fun to do on a live feed ... I'll send out a newsletter on when to tune in, but in the meantime, submit your burning question here hello@kristencoates.net (no, really, send a question - we already pulled a few from the store email and one is about my hair ?!?!?  so it can't be more off-topic than that!!)

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, June 10 we are celebrating my eleventh!!! year with a gallery plus it's my birthday and we are going to have a fabulous event, standby for more details coming to your inbox.

We heard you loud and clear - it's time for an auction. This one is going to launch this week with a VIP preview for my newsletter subscribers. PLUS I am going to include a whole bunch of work from my studio I just cleared out that has never been seen before - you're not going to want to miss this one!

A whole bunch of other things I am into right now. De Soi for a non-alcoholic aperitif - we are stocking this at the store now! I don't watch the Kardashians, but I will watch this genius. Sweetberry Farm currently has the most gorgeous peonies - a giant bunch for $25 and I LOVE the arrangements I picked up last week from Wild Season in their new location. Peckhams. Clementine's. And please, please go to the inaugural Newport Rare Book Fair June 2-4 at the stunning venue, La Farge decorated Newport Congressional Church.


Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen




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