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We are all in this thing together

Thank you to everyone for your orders, well wishes and sweet notes. May has been an incredible month at the gallery, albeit from the back door and via USPS, during what is an otherwise dismal time for our country and the world. We are living in some strange days, but it has been so lovely to connect with so many of you, virtually and at a distance, over the last few months and each of our meetings gives me great hope that my little shop will survive this thing and maybe come out the other side for the better.

I am so excited for the start of this week as the art installation commences at Hammetts Hotel. I cannot wait to share all this good news with you. From photos of local photogs in guest rooms to portraits and paintings for the lobby and revolving gallery all from our very own community. Check my stories this week for a little preview - I am so excited it’s all coming together!!

There is one thing I found as a major silver lining during Covid-19, the unfiltered sharing of mundane, everyday information. From a pan of the port of Capri to the streets of Paris to the Famous Synchronous Fireflies of the Smokey Mountains. As an avid traveler it has been hard to stay home without the next trip to look forward to, but it's these little bits of internet bliss that give me sheer joy. 

This week has been super heavy. I have so much I want to share about Newport and the store and it all seems so flat in comparison to what our fellow American's are trying to convey. Tyrell Winston posted this from NYC. The images, stories and posts flooding my social media feed have been powerful. The moment of silence for George Floyd In Minneapolis, a banner in the sky over NYC, the kneeling woman in front of a line of armed military in San Jose, signs from protests from 50 years ago that still ring true, all made in silence, but I can’t help hear the ocean of pain riveting this country and it is deafening. It is hard to know what to do as a white woman of privilege, but I know I can’t remain silent as the heartbreak I feel today is nothing in comparison to those suffering the injustices of a racist country. “A riot is the language of the unheard” - Martin Luther King Jr. I hear you. I will fight for you and I love you.

 Happy weekend from our family to yours
Much love XO Kristen
I am headed out for dinner for the first time tonight, but if you're in need of a drink, I love this one.


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