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We were meant to be away this week, but with a welcome turn of events we’ve been lucky to stay put in Newport. It was so nice today we had to have our Formula 1 viewing party outdoors - this is where our very serious family members congregate over food and drinks to watch the previously recorded Formula 1 race, and yes we coordinate food and beverages to where the location of the race is because that’s just what we do (although today we went with pizza and cake for my birthday instead of attempting a menu from Azerbaijan)! After such a long pause on social gatherings, it really is wonderful to be all together for this semi weekly event. 

It’s a candle party at the shop and it’s about to get even better! We’ve been binging on these big candlesticks in dipped dyed colors and now we have the very popular color stacks back in stock. And next week we welcome our new collection of candles to the shop. You can pre order yours here as you know the limited summer scents sell out fast ! 

If you like to be the first to know of my new paintings, follow along on my art focused Instagram account, @kristencoatesart. I’ll be posting new work periodically prior to putting online. Speaking of which, my website is finally!! up to date with all the new work in the gallery and you can check it out here. 


ICYMI, I wrote a cute blog post this week titled La Dolce Vita, it's something I thought about when setting the tone for summer this year. You can read the journal post here and shop the story here. 


For my friends heading to the cape this summer, check out my dear friends, Patrick and Melissa’s new shop, Masterson Made in Woods Hole. Im certain you will recognize some of the paintings by yours truly. 

Save the date! Thursday, July 7 is the opening reception of Ride The Wave, an eight woman group show I am thrilled to be a part of this summer. If you’re going to be in Westport or southern CT that evening please join us for an opening reception for so much gorgeous work. Drop me a note at hello@kristencoates.net if you would like to attend.

Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen


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