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Photo Matthew Esposito 

You have heard me say it before and I will say it again, the Newport dinner party invitation is the most exclusive (and certainly the most desirable) one to receive. Last night Michael and I were included in the perfect garden dinner to close out the summer. It was topped off with a hint of dancing and a Snowball in Hell at the Sky Bar complete with sparklers. That's a wrap summer.. or is it?

Photo Liza Toppa

Liza, Holley and I have something cooking that we aren't totally ready to share, but check your inboxes for our Secret Summer event happening later this month. If this photo of Liza with our hand painted tote is any indication of what summers are like in September, you get the vibe for Secret Summer.

Horizon Fields
15"H x 30"W
$450 / $260 / $250

Vivid Horizon
18"H x 24"W
$450  $360 / $250

Vibrant Horizon I
12"H x 12"W Framed
$235 / $185 / $125

Vibrant Horizon II
12"H x 12"W Framed
$235 / $185 / $125

Horizon Sun
10"H x 12"W
$225 / $180 / $125

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Seascapes & Abstracts release event Friday. Above are five of the 15 pieces still available through tomorrow (reply to email for more details or to purchase reply with price you want to pay) - then they head to the store at full retail. Don't miss this opportunity to pay what you wish. This was a super fun event on my private Instagram account @kristencoatesart and I am so sure we will do it again! 

Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen


Composed while sipping Casamigos Blanco and listening to the soundtrack for White Lotus (GREAT show, terrible ending! If anyone has anything to do with writing for the next season Michael has THE best storyline). 

The Shop Stats 
Top artist this week Kristen Coates - Thank you! What a stellar week it was !!
Most viewed piece this week Sun Goddesses Queensland By Kristen Coates
Most viewed non-art item this week Gwyneth Boucle Swivel

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