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Happy Full Moon. This week I have been painting up a storm and yes, I have even started on holiday ornaments and pulling out the decor. When I think about our annual holiday party on Saturday, November 30 (save the date!) being about a month and a half away I just can't totally wrap my head around it, but I’m excited for the scent of our Newport Tree Lighting candle to be ever present along with a wreath pop-up with greenlion. More details to follow in the coming weeks, but don't mind me if I am humming White Christmas already. 

After some seasonal cleaning I am ready to do another auction starting this Wednesday. I am so thrilled as the last one in July was great fun and this one will have about twice the content! Stay tuned Wednesday - Friday this week.

As soon as the temperatures drop and really Columbus Day weekend itself, sends me into organization nation. I watched the Bill Gate three part docuseries on Netflix and found some serious inspiration to get a few things in order, starting with my website. I know, I know, it’s not saving the world from Polio or climate change, but I have to start somewhere. Find a whole easy to view selection of artwork here, objects here and the things I am really loving for fall here. 

A big thanks to everyone that sent in images of art installed in their homes and businesses. I have been able to use so many of them to show what a difference art makes! Going through them all I find them all so inspiring - so thank you!

Photo: Lila Delman Real Estate

Speaking of inspirational, here's a list of a few dozen Instagram accounts in Rhode Island I find inspiring. I hope you find a few new creatives to follow and be sure to leave your recommendations in the comments!


Our fall hours through October are Friday & Saturday 12-4pm and Sunday & Monday 12-3pm and online always. We will be open a bit more for the holidays in November and December but in the meantime I am taking some extra time to get more painting and more candles and ornaments finished in time for the the busy shopping season ahead!

Happy weekend from our family to yours
See you in the gallery and online. Much love XO Kristen


The Shop Stats

Most overall viewed on website this week Nautical Nude By Allison Meyler

Best seller this week artist Grace Windsor 

New work in the gallery by artist Peter Dickison

Newport restaurants I love right now: The Power of Juice in Newport, Bottega Bocconi and White Horse Tavern. I mean is there anything better than sitting by the fire this time of year?!


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