Walking into the week like I am dressed in head to toe sequins from Akris

The Sunday Night Digest = me + glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into happenings next week and beyond. You're Welcome.

Our Instagram Auction was a smashing success and it was so lovely to chat with so many friends, clients and clients turned friends. I hope that people reach out to me with questions and comments as much as they did this week - it was incredible to correspond with so many of you and hear about your connection to me, my art and my store. I feel super filled up with love and inspiration and I'm excited to get these works shipped out and new ones up on the wall at the gallery and online!

Photo credit: Erin McGinn

Outside of the auction, most of my week has been comprised of meetings surrounding not 1, not 2, but 3 major projects happening that I cannot share yet, but I am practically bursting at the seams so it likely won’t be too long before I am shouting all of this news from the rooftops. In the meantime, here are a few things I am very much into that I can share with you!

A dear friend invited me to her home for the inaugural Newport Salon Theatre. I cannot even explain what this is, but if you get invited, go and see for yourself! Newport is truly the place to be for creatives these days and I am so thrilled to be a part of it all!!

Photo credit: Jess Ann Kirby

I think Jess Ann Kirby has such an eye for style and her table scape imagery and holiday decorating is on point every year and definitely an inspiration at our house! Her relaxed, yet passionate, enthusiastic, yet no -nonsense approach to basically everything in her life has made me a follower of her blog and Instagram and now YouTube channel. If you don’t find yourself nodding along agreeing with her at least 3 times a day, I don’t know who you are. JessAnnKirby.com and @jessannkirby and Jess Ann Kirby

Image Credit: The Fempire Podcast

I just started listening to a new Newport based podcast called Fempire (@fempirepod - @lifewithhillary - @raethatch) and I am very in tune with their mission - Empowered women empower women. 

Photo Credit: Highly Likely

Speaking of podcasts, my bff Kat Turner was just featured in O Magazine, Hi Oprah! for her appearance on the podcast The Lonely Hour with Julia Bainbridge Eposode #19 The Invisible Chef: Kat Turner. I cannot even tell you how magical this is and how proud I am of this girl and her journey through life and the culinary world and her ultimate accomplishment - so far - Highly Likely Café - which just celebrated their 1 year anniversary! PS. She is legit the first person to jump on the table (bar, pool, boat, moving vehicle) to get the party started, but she's wrong about one thing. She 1000% could upstage anyone in Hollywood with her poise, beauty and pure talent to be the most magnetic person in any room I've been in with her - give it a listen and follow her on Instagram because she and her stories are brilliant and hilarious

Photo credit: Erin McGinn

Save the date for my annual holiday party at the shop on Saturday, November 30, 6-9pm! This year one of the most inspiring businesses I know, greenlion will be hosting their wreath pop-up shop during the party so it should be extra special this year and filled with double the holiday cheer. 

Happy weekend from our family to yours
See you in the gallery and online. Much love XO Kristen


The Shop Stats



Most overall viewed on website this week: In The Greenhouse - a new painting of mine from my latest show Five Summers, thank you!

Best seller this week artist Allison Meyler 

New work in the gallery by artist Michelle Brunner

Current FOMO: Marie’s birthday dinner last night - HAPPIEST OF ALL BIRTHDAYS MARIE!!! and Parades for FIAC, a performance by Rachid Ouramdane & Lora Juodkaite at the Musée Louvre earlier today.

Composed listening to Taylor Swift’s album Lover (I’m obsessed with pop music for the first time in maybe my life? Thanks to Jillian and Julia) and drinking a glass of La Cattura Toscana aka Bunny Wine (you will see why by the label). It is officially red wine season in Newport. I get most of my wine from John Callahan on Bellevue Wine & Spirits. I love this shop and the familiar sense like Newport’s version of Cheers…but to go.

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