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Image Libby!

A huge thank you to everyone that came out to our Holiday Open House last weekend. What a treat to see everyone again and to raise a glass to the Dream Team that is my staff. We had such a fun time and it was a perfect start to the season's festivities!

My 2021 Gift Guide is up on the blog today. With having a new house this year to design and decorate, I have been really focused on what I bring into my space and I think that's reflected in what I am giving this year too. 

There are over one hundred original pieces online and in the gallery. I am thrilled to have so many new works from Kent Maxwell, Nancy Parsons, Victoria Duffy and Michelle Brunner. There are also a few new oversized Confetti pieces too! Happy viewing!

Image Tatum Toppa

The Holiday Shop is in full swing at the store and we have so many sweet gifts and tons of handmade ornaments. This year looks like it will be our last of Christmas Coates as we know it. If you caught my blog post on Giving Tuesday, I mentioned we would be changing gears come 2022. In my tenth year of having a gallery in Newport, I hope to be more thoughtful in our offerings with a larger focus on art and design and totally scaled back on gift. So if there's something you really love in the holiday shop, don't wait! It might not come again! 

We recently had a black tie soiree at home and I highly recommend it. It was so fun to be dressed up with no where to go but from room to room to socialize with friends, keep the puppies from sampling the cheeseboard (a failure with clever Mabel) and toast to the holiday season. 

Image Piecework Puzzles

After a really long walk along the cliffs today in Newport with Sofia and Mabel I came home to do a puzzle. I was delighted to learn the geniuses at Piecework Puzzles included a Spotify playlist with their Tinseltown set. Not only is that super fun, but it's actually really good. Have a listen here

Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen

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Top artist this week Kent Maxwell
Most viewed piece this week Confetti Party by Kristen Coates
Most viewed non-art item this week Kristen Coates Candles 

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