The Sunday Night Digest = me + glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings. You're Welcome. 
I get really excited for summer. Memorial Day, then my birthday and Fourth of July and then the rest of the season glides by so very quickly with visitors and the busy-ness of the store. This year I am really trying to be more present and relish the time with family and friends. It's not getting any less busy, but with every year that passes I think back to how much more I could have experienced especially all of the moments of sweet, sweet Newport summertime. What are your intentions this season?
James Weingrod TIMELINES is on view at Bowler Lane Projects and well worth the visit. Open hours are Tuesday - Saturday 1-5pm or by appointment text (401) 684-0211 to schedule.
There she goes! Belafonte is officially in the water and our 8th season is underway! Happy 50th Belafonte!
Watching her sail through the air via crane was pretty intense, but she is very happily at her mooring awaiting summer guests. 
I had the true pleasure of attending Portrait of a Friendship Coco Chanel & Marion Pike: Stories and Paintings Shared by Marion's Daughter, Jeffie Pike Durham at the RISD Museum with my dear friend Kim. What a treat! The Museum Associates event co-chairs Heidi Holland and Hannah Childs did an amazing job making the event beautiful and super well attended. If you have the opportunity to hear Jeffie Pike Durham speak or to see Marion Pike's portraits, run, don't walk. It is almost a week later and I am still thinking about this presentation. What an inspiration!
Photo Credit: Aquidneck Growers Market
And just like that, our beloved Aquidneck Growers Market has returned to Memorial Blvd on Wednesdays! Be sure to support your local farmers and artisans and we'll make a point to be open so you can pop by during your shopping visit. 
Happy weekend from our family to yours 
See you in the gallery and online. Much love XO Kristen
The Stats
Most overall viewed on the website Cheeseburger By Craig Stephens
Best seller this week artist Kristen Coates (thank you!!)
New work in the gallery by artist Helen Hadley
Newport Restaurants I love right now: Imbriglio's Pizzeria, The Nitro Bar & Brick Alley Pub (have you had the lettuce wrapped veggie burger?!)
Composed listening to birds singsong outside and drinking Aperól Spritz... the perfect Sunday evening spring cocktail
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