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The Sunday Night Digest = me + glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings. You're welcome. 
Kristen Coates The Nitro Bar
Thank you Molly Kirby for taking Michael and I to the opening night of The Nitro Bar. I’m so excited for Newport to have another independently owned breakfast and lunch spot! Additional details in this WhatsUpNewp article and The Nitro Bar opens officially this Friday
Kristen Coates James Weingrod Bowler Lane Projects
The wildly talented artist James Weingrod has started his installation process for his show TIMELINES at Bowler Lane Projects. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with not only the individual pieces, but the breadth of work he has culled for this show. Hope to see you Saturday!
greenlion Kristen Coates
greenlion is extending their Mother’s Day flower order deadline to Friday, but why wait?! Moms are so important. Celebrate the mothers in your life with a gorgeous bouquet. Pre-orders end Friday and there will be very limited extras on hand this weekend so we highly recommend placing a pre-order. 
Order here
Kristen Coates Sydney Cafe
Whilst in Portsmouth this week running errands I had a fantastic latté at this little gem Sydney Cafe - think coconut matcha lattés and tons of vegetarian, GF and vegan options. I also love their relaxed coastal vibe... totally worth the trek from Newport. 
Kristen Coates Houseboat Belafonte
If you follow stories for @belafontenewport on Instagram you will know Belafonte is getting a bit of a facelift for her 50th year. It is a true labor of love and I am so sore from ripping down walls and installing new flooring, but feeling a little accomplished even though there's a lot more to go. I can’t wait to show the reveal and new colors... I’m itching to get painting this coming week with the same colors of peach, turquoise and subtle coral, greys and whites. And of course navy.
Kristen Coates Sandee Glam Summer Love
Speaking of Instagram. If you’re not following Sandee Saunders, you should be. This woman is a force and I love her energy. Having so many creatives in Newport is important and we must support! Follow @sandeeglam 
See you in the gallery and online. Much love. XO Kristen 
The Stats
Most overall viewed on the website Color Harmony By Liz Roache
Best seller this week is artist Grace Windsor 
Composed listening to MJP watching Shark Tank and drinking an Aperól Spritz
Looking forward to all of the above plus some sunshine this week! 
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    THANK YOU for Your Kindness & Wonderful Support!!! 🙏🏽

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