The first thing everyone says when they walk into my gallery is “I want to live here”. The second thing I hear is “did you paint these and/ or how did you make these”. I don't always know how to respond. Painting is such a part of my everyday life that it's an inexplicable event. More of a meditation really. 

When the days are longer and a bit warmer, I find myself spending a lot more time in our garden with the dogs and coffee painting for hours. It occurred to me that nearly no one is aware of these moments while amidst a funny little Q&A we did in the store and I thought I should share this.

And so here it is. A sunny June morning here in Newport my friends Shannon Hammond, photographer, and Natalie Roy, stylist, were so lovely in helping capture the essence of this amazing creative space and the sweet musings of a typical session of painting.  

Special thanks to Sofia & Mabel for always being the perfect studio assistants. The larger piece I am painting can be seen here Ridgemere Summertime Panel 
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