Navy House Jar Candles

Our delightful candle collection is here for the season, all soy and perfectly priced for gifting!

Bowen’s Wharf Tree Lighting
A Newport tradition, the best scents of winter
Frasier Fir - Cedar - Juniper Berries

Christmas Coates
A delight that comes just once a year filled with big love and magical holiday cheer
Pine - Cinnamon - Red Currant

Hygge Pudding
Sweater weather, figgy pudding, snowball fights and a cozy bear rug by the fire
Figs - Bourbon Icing - Lingonberry

Pumpkin Spiced Bullsh*t
Our favorite fall time scent we all love to hate, but really love
Pumpkin Crème - Nutmeg - Cinnamon Bark

Long drives through beautiful New England, crips autumnal air
Cardamom - Leaf Piles - Orange Peel

Our summer home, the cutting garden, Old Fashioneds
Peony - Fig Leaf - Bourbon

Good Intentions
Set an intention with love in your heart and immense gratitude for all the good in your life
Send that positive energy into the universe and watch the magic unfold
Oleander - Champagne - Bergamot

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