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Flower and Gem Essences of Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Sacred Datura and Hemlock

A vibrational remedy that allows us to see only truth. Sometimes our truths are dark, but we all can walk through shadow with grace; deciphering what we need to release so we can better do our work in the world. Obsidian essence calls in the underworld and aligns us with our truest selves. Sacred Datura essence gives courage to let go of the secure while helping expand deep visionary states. The essence of Hemlock helps us release toxic or unwanted energy in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Smoky Quartz allows for a little light in the darkest places while aligning our bodies to the earth. All essences are in a base of wild-harvested rose and honey infused brandy. A good choice for those doing shadow work, personal healing or holding space for others.


The Shrine

Flower and Gem essences of Ephedra, Eucalyptus, Fireweed, Acacia, Self Heal, Smoky Quartz

This formula is most effective during and after intense emotional upheaval or trauma. The faster we are able to participate in our healing, the trauma is less likely to become a part our body and our mythology. Ephedra flower essence activates our innate healing powers, reminding us that we have everything we need to heal already inside of us. Helps to project us out of a damaging situation. Eucalyptus essence encourages deep breathing through extreme emotional states. The essence of Fireweed is restorative. Fireweed calls in revitalized energy by breaking up stagnation that may be lingering in our energetic field. It can help us move through shock and trauma. Acacia essence releases heartbreak, mending holes in the heart with sweetness, comfort and positive energy. Essence of Self Heal helps us assimilate self-care in to our daily practice.  Smoky Quartz stabilizes detoxification of unwanted energies from physical, emotional and mental bodies.


Essences of Blackberry, California Poppy, Pink Pepper, Pomegranate, Nasturtium, Carnelian and Lava in a rose and honey infused brandy

A flower and gem essence formula for engaging inspired practice with quality and power. This formula helps one relate to deep wells of inspiration and creativity while developing a devoted practice for carrying out this work in the world, in whatever shape it may take. Blackberry essence helps one establish lasting connection with the springs of life that help us manifest our dreams. California Poppy assists in letting go of negative thought patterns while helping us believe in ourselves. Pink Pepper essence is a fiery motivator; the time is now! Pomegranate calls in fertile abundance and Nasturtium helps us to truly embody our ideas. Carnelian is an vitalizing stone, helping us connect to sources of enduring energy. Finally, Lava provides a highly-charged flowing energy to the formula. 


Saturn Return
1 oz flower and gem essence formula

This remedy provides support through one’s Saturn Return. The essence of watery Willow, teaches rooted balance within constant ebb and flow. Self-Heal activates our commitment to self-care so we are better able to assimilate truth.  Chia essence provides upward momentum towards a new level of understanding. Desert Lavender brings in calming energy to our spirits, promoting peace and self-compassion through the most extreme. Essence of Black Tourmaline roots us to the Earth while encouraging the release of toxicity from the physical, spiritual and mental bodies. Yarrow essence creates an energetic boundary, a safe container for us to do this work. All essences are in a base of wild-harvested rose and honey infused brandy.



Essences of Redwood, Sage, Strawberry and Emerald 

We are not isolated creatures, although it can often feel that way through our culture of aloneness and individualism. This formula is meant to support us in feeling connected and interdependent with the world around us. Reach for this formula when you feel alone, out of touch and are desiring relationship with the universe. Redwood essence provides support from ancient forces, creating a vast and rooted sense of strength in community. Strawberry plants have runners that will take root and grow new plants; this essence helps us spread out and open to communication with everything around us, clearing any thought patterns that seem stuck, stagnant or isolating. Sage encourages an honoring of the lived experience and knowledge we hold in our bodies, helping us to infuse the mundane with deeper meaning! Emerald gem essence clears fear from our hearts and heads and allows us to connect to Earth with the offering of our own magic. 


Third Eye
Flower and Gem essences of Apophyllite, Monkey Flower, Globe Mallow, Angelica

A vibrational remedy that strengthens intuition and psychic powers. Apophyllite essence activates the third eye and crown chakras and enhances clairvoyance. Monkey Flower essence encourages trust in one’s own spiritual experience or guidance, calls in love-based spirituality.  Essence of Globe Mallow allows us see ourselves very clearly while opening the heart chakra.  Angelica essence aligns us with angels, guardian spirits and ancestors. All essences are in a base of wild-harvested rose and honey infused brandy.


Flower and Gem essences of Yarrow, Chaparral, Manzanita, Tobacco, Lady’s Slipper, Rose Quartz, Amethyst

The consistent use of technology can overwhelm our spirits and leave us feeling disconnected from our bodies and the Earth. This is a vibrational remedy to protect our energies from this technological chaos. Yarrow essence is creating an energetic shield from unwanted energies. Essence of Chaparral allows us to cleanse psychic toxicity from our bodies, especially through dream work. Because our bodies are often objectified or exploited, the addition of Manzanita essence invites us to honor the spirit of the physical body. The essence of Tobacco helps us to connect to the earth through the heart chakra; encouraging connection to our deepest feelings in order to fully ground and be peaceful on this planet. Lady’s Slipper flower essence connects our spiritual work into our physical work in the world. Rose Quartz is the stone of love, healing heart wounds and releasing tension. Lastly, Amethyst is a stone of protection. The essence clears our energetic fields from negative influences and attachments.


Essences of Morning Glory, Rosemary, Goldenrod, Redwood, Lapis Lazuli and Gold in a rose and honey infused brandy

A flower and gem essence formula that encourages true expression of personal desire. What would you like to call into being? What spells are you ready to cast into the world? This formula is for setting heartfelt intention and expressing ourselves clearly without fear. Essence of Goldenrod is wonderful for those who fear judgement of others when they reveal their true selves; it encourages true articulation of self. Morning Glory flower essence brings power into the body through the throat meridian, allowing vitality to flow freely between you and your intention. Rosemary is an essence of incarnation, helping us feel safe and present while we express our true desires. Redwood essence helps those who are overly-flexible take a strong stance for what they believe in. Lapis Lazuli harmonizes the energy of the throat and Gold gives us confidence in our ability to bring our intentions into being. May our powerful language grant us access to the realm in which we speak of! 


Essences of Borage, Rosemary, Pine, Mullein and Rose 

This formula is for those who feel that they have had their energy drained, taken, sucked or withheld from them and are working toward re-establishing their sense of self. Borage essence gives us courage to take action, and Pine calls in self-forgiveness and rooted tenderness. Rosemary helps us return to the body in a way that feels grounded and empowered. Mullein draws scattered energy towards the center of our bodies, creating a focused strength from within.  Rose is the warrior of the heart, helping us hold our blossoming selves with compassion and clear boundaries. 

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