Haute Chocolate Bars

Stumptown Coffee's Hair Bender beans are roasted then blended with our classic semi-sweet 70% cocoa Pervian organic dark chocolate. The marriage creates a delightful rich flavor, embodying a slight floral and pleasing acidic finish.

Toasted Almond
Organic Almonds toasted to perfection are gently blended into the classic 70% cacoa semi-sweet Peruvian chocolate resulting in a satisfying, sumptuous crunch.

Cinnamon Chipotle
Spicy. Beautiful. Bold. This unique flavor infuses our classic semi-sweet organic Peruvian chocolate with savory chipotle peppers and a sweet cassia cinnamon. The result is a spectacular blend of spicy chipotle balanced by the sweet aromatics of cinnamon. 

Salted Rosemary
The beauty in subtlety is showcased in our rosemary chocolate. Rosemary is delicately infused into 70% cocoa semi sweet Peruvian organic chocolate, then is garnished with a touch of Himalayan salt to bring out the herbaceous and savory flavors.


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