Pandora's Box By Haute Chocolate

In the beginning there was only chaos. Disorder abounded from churning darkness and fiery strife.

One day the hierarchies took their place in the sparkling skies and the Earth blossomed into peaceful paradise- with the creation of man the Titans of iron and dust emerged. Earth was domineered and plundered with force. They took more than they were given and turned a hollow blind eye to the plights of the Mother Rites.

Alas the great Mother that grounds the roots of trees, sings in the wind and flows through the waters had her fill of these fleshy imposter gods. So WOMAN was created by magic, and born of fruit. She was sent to populate, to redeem, to devour, to delight.

When she came, she brought in a kaleidoscope of glittering lights, with focus and will radiating from her being. She outstretched her hands- in it she held a box... Bestowed upon her with gifts of the newly placed Goddesses and Gods. From Venus: there was beauty. From Athena: there was order. From Hera: there was a touch of malice. From Mercury: persuasion. And from Hecate- there was the braided gift of power & serenity.

It is this box, her divine and deviant gifts re-embodied in these delectable treats. Slip past the virginal ribbon seal, let her confections pour into your senses, mind, and soul. Open up to the blooming taste of magic. Savor the clean ingredients, give in to the impure thoughts she might inspire, prosper in your quest for a life of Virtuous Hedonism. And should you consume all too soon, do not fret- the magic cannot be spent. For she is filled with the everlasting waves of the Great Goddess Mother's truest gift: HOPE.

Featuring 18 pieces of #virtuoushedonsim

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