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Sheep, 1994
By Rupert Nesbitt
33"H x 41"W Framed
Oil on archival paper
From the private collection of Kristen Coates

This piece is by my dear friend Rupert Nesbitt, but I was not the first to own it. A mutual good friend and patron of the arts had this hanging in her Middletown home when I first saw it in 2012. I was immediately drawn to it from across the room and naively said "not that I could ever afford it, but if you are ever able to part with this I would love to buy it from you." I never thought I would see the piece again. A couple of years ago the collector sold her estate and was looking for buyers to consider her art collection. It was meant to be and the Sheep and I were united. 

On the lower right you will find the artist's signature amongst the herd. Oddly, the frame for this work has been inverted so the artist's signature from the back is also at the center of the top front of the frame. I have toyed with the idea of reverting the frame back to the right way round, however I find it not only an interesting conversation starter, but also a charming, almost mysterious part of the work's history. 

At a Christmas party years ago I mentioned to Rupert Nesbitt's mother, artist and printmaker, Ilse Nesbitt, that I very much enjoyed being friends with and appreciating the art of both of her sons. Rupert's brother is photographer Alexander "Sandy" Nesbitt. She told me a story of when they were younger and the neighbor asked her what it was like to have a genius for a son. Ilse said she felt she had to ask "which one"? I still haven't figured it out! 

This is a marvelous piece of work by an incredibly talented painter and would make for an excellent addition to any collection or institution.

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