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This Mother's Day consider a gift as unique as the mom in your world, a piece from Forgotten Island. This collection of found, handmade ceramic vases is my collaboration with Natalie Roy. As friends and designers, we are constantly exchanging creative ideas while sourcing for our respective projects. Our travels had us both coming across under appreciated works of arts, long forgotten, but perhaps with the right lens, they could be seen once more. 
Forgotten Island will be on display at the gallery May 6 - May 14. And just as quickly as they arrived, this very limited edition of upcycled vases filled with the most beautiful arrangements one could wish for, will be collected by lucky gift givers on May 12-14. 
To reserve your Forgotten Island vase - to be filled with a magnificent arrangement and ready for pick up May 12-14 - click here.
Happy Mother's Day XO Kristen Coates & Natalie Roy
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