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If you've ever been to the gallery (or my Instagram account), especially during spring and summer, you are likely privy to the creative flower arrangements and seasonal gardening experiments indoors and out. When I first opened my shop I couldn't find a florist that could put together anything in the aesthetic I was seeking and certainly not unique every week. I wanted something outside of the traditional and away from trends. I wanted something as artful as the work I was hanging on the walls. Five years later, it seems I am not the only one in this line of thought as noted in the New York Times yesterday. 

All those years ago, I started visiting garden shops and nurseries throughout New England and New York and picking up odds and ends before starting a greenhouse of my own with my boyfriend Michael - he is solely responsible for the 8ft tall lilies that won us the Horticultural award from the Newport Flower Show in 2016. We now have dozens of herbs, succulents and seeds and bulbs sprouting and growing in various stages in the shop and at the greenhouse. It took a while before I found the right supplier for cut flowers and greens - I love Flower Muse for their customer service and quality and I try to get to the Aquidneck Growers' Markets for local blooms, but the real joy for me is incorporating sprigs and plants from inside the shop and arranging installation-like works from the greenhouse. And lucky for me, clients love it all which inspires me to go further. I look forward to coming up with new living art for the upcoming Flower Show and beyond.

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