This Giving Tuesday I wanted to take a moment to highlight a few environmental initiatives important to me and my team. We are continuing our education in better business practices to lessen our impact and look forward to implementing change not only today, but as a way of life personally and professionally. 


Clean Ocean Access is focused on educating the community to take action through environmentally responsible behaviors and provide a clean, healthy ocean that is accessible to all.  

Hope's Harvest RI works with volunteers to bring food from local farms that would otherwise go to waste and distributes it to local hunger relief agencies.

Offset makes it easy for businesses using Shopify for shipping (like us!) to neutralize emissions that contribute to climate change.
If you're in a place to support an organization financially or on a volunteer basis, I encourage you to explore Clean Ocean Access and Hope's Harvest RI. If you have a business that participates e-commerce and shipping, Shopify makes it incredibly easy to use Offset to neutralize shipping emissions contributing to climate change. 
Three years ago we committed as a company to lowering our use of packing and shipping materials. Today we are reusing packaging almost exclusively and although it does not look as chic as branded packaging we hope it will be a reminder that we are working to lower our impact. 
2022 will mark 10 years of gallery ownership for me in Newport and with that, I am excited to share with you, a new concept store filled with art, beauty and objects for the home in more meaningful and sustainable ways. We will still stock our handmade soy candles and design books, but the bulk of our gift business will be put at ease so we can focus on the artists and artisans aligning with our vision for a more thoughtful future. I can't wait to share more with you about this vision and all the wonderfulness that is to come, but in the meantime, please check out these organizations making a difference and bettering the world.  
This topic was researched and written by Liza Toppa and edited by Kristen Coates. As a team we hope to continue to do our part to reduce climate change. - Kristen, Liza, Holley & Tatum

Images: Clean Ocean Access, Hope's Harvest RI and Unknown
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