Sometimes you just cannot buy off the shelf, or the wall in this instance, when seeking the perfect piece for a space in your home. You see something you like, but it’s just not the one. Maybe it doesn’t have the right color or it's not the right size or orientation, but you know you like the feeling of it. This is when you might want to consider inquiring about a commission piece.

Kristen Coates Commission

Blue Skies By Kristen Coates

You also have to be looking for something I offer! I do not do pet portraits or photo realistic art. I was recently asked to do something that looked like graffiti and I really just don't know how to spray paint. So a great place to start is to find some pieces that you like of mine. My website is a great place for inspiration as is my Instagram page @kristencoates. 

Then we look at the room and an image usually does quite well if I can’t see the space in person. I like to see your personal style and the colors you have pulled into your home. Sometimes matching color is important and to others not so much. I’ll come up with a few ideas and present them to you.

Once we have a plan in place I take a deposit and give a general timeline. Depending on the scope of work and my current workload it is typically 2-6 weeks. There are some factors that play into the creative process and I ask for some flexibility just in case there are any setbacks… like the equivalent to writer’s block or attempting to paint a happy sunny painting when it just won’t stop raining!

I like to get the piece to a place where I feel like it’s headed in the right direction and that’s when I’ll get your eyes on it and you can give feedback and direction if needed. I’ll work in some more layers and get the piece to place where I think it’s right and that’s when we try it in the space.


If all looks right we wrap up the final invoice and beam at our good work we created together! Really! Sometimes I just sit there with the client smiling like we won the lottery. It is such a great feeling, like the last piece in a life size puzzle has been placed. 


This summer I was fortunate enough to have a new commission to work on every week and as fall approaches I have some time opening for taking on a few more orders. If you’re feeling like this post was for you, be in touch and let’s see if we can create the perfect piece you've been dreaming of for your home! Email or call/text (401) 684-0211


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