If you're thinking about art and how two different pieces could work together in a room or even on the same wall, here's a quick guide to art in the gallery now. It can be totally overwhelming to sort through pages and pages of pieces online, but thought seeing my recommendations of art that works well together would be inspirational. 


Confetti St Tropez Summer Nights  + Still In Love In The Valley
By Kristen Coates


Capri + Positano 
By Michael J. Paddon


Blue Hope + Tranquil Tide
By Kent Maxwell


Fields Apart + Confetti Funhouse
By Kristen Coates


Blue Gardens I + Blue Gardens II
By Kristen Coates 


Confetti Newport + Positano Vertical
By Kristen Coates + Michael J. Paddon


Tulum II & Tulum I
By Kristen Coates

Have you curated your own collection featuring my work and others from the gallery? Send me a photo! I would love to see where our art lives XO Kristen 

Confetti Paris in Springtime + Positano
By Kristen Coates

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