It has been a little while since I’ve felt inspired by an art fair or had an art world crush, but having had the opportunity to finally attend Spring Break after about a year of my good friend and studio mate, Marie Samuels, telling me how much she loved the last show, I have to concur. It was magical. 

Founded by Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly, Spring Break is independent of the fairs exhibiting during Armory Arts Week and inhabits underutilized (think abandoned, floor-through office space in a Times Square building) by offering low-cost exhibition space to over 100 curators premiering new work from emerging and mid-career contemporary artists ranging from painters and sculptures to performance artists. I found going from one room to the next and from space to space I was eager to be a part of the experience and excited to see what we would come upon next.

These are a few of my favorite pieces and artists from Spring Break.

         Antonia Wright, If I Had To Perish Twice
Curated by Maureen Sullivan and John Zinonos
                       David Kramer, Warm Afterglow 
                       Curated by Michael Buckland
         Anne Novak, The Cosmic Wall
         Curated by Henriette Noermark
                 Elektra KB, Power Is Abuse
                 Curated by Nico Roxe

                     Onyedika Chuke, The Untitled
                     Curated by Dustin Yellin

         Kawita-V, Onto Fabrics 
Curated by Alexandra Fanning

This time I'll be the one championing Spring Break, my reverence restored in the institution of art fairs. In the meantime I'll be bringing in some new art, with a fresh perspective and very much looking forward to being in the four walls of my precious gallery and connecting with my own artists and clients for what is sure to be a very busy upcoming season. See you there.

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