Artist Profile: Helen Hadley

Fine artist Helen Hadley offers a fresh and bright take on classic New England seascape renderings. As stated on her website, “Helen Hadley considers herself an observer, looking to paint atmos...

Jerry Saltz How To Be An Artist

Sharing this incredible article by art critic Jerry Saltz for New York Magazine. I highly recommend you read entirely if you are interested in being an artist or more artful in your every day.  How...

Spring Break Art Fair

It has been a little while since I’ve felt inspired by an art fair or had an art world crush, but having had the opportunity to finally attend Spring Break after about a year of my good friend and ...

36 Brilliant Hours: Art Basel Miami Beach

How to see Art Basel Miami Beach in 36 brilliant hoursArt, eat, sleep, depart.  Attending any art fair can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you have to incorporate travel to and from a destin...

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