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Photo credit: Susan Vogan via @pearlandivy_studio Instagram

Photo credit: Victoria Duffy

I cannot articulate the feelings of appreciation I have for this start to the holiday season which has been by far the best we have ever had at the shop. The pop-ins and merry-making from old friends and new, people that follow along on social media and this is their first time visiting the Bellevue location, fellow artists, best friends and family stopping in for a little bit of bubbly, a hug and perhaps a gift. I am newly inspired to keep creating when I am typically drained by this time in the season. So thank you and let's keep this fantastic holiday cheer going.

I can't help but to think if I didn't have this shop where would I be? Maybe at Art Basel Miami Beach (which I do love) looking at art by artists taking themselves a bit too seriously (insert $120k Banana duct taped to gallery wall, bought by collector for asking price then subsequently eaten by performance artist then - my favorite - ridiculed by art critic Jerry Saltz only to be posted to the front page of the NY Post and on Page Six - link not safe for work or kids!!) and maybe traveling or maybe just in my studio painting along, but I have to say, at this time in my life there is no where I would rather be than this time at my gallery amongst all of you dear friends. It's been good. 


Photo credit: Julia Deutsch
Up on the blog is my little peek into the creative mindset of the wildly talented Julia Deutsch of Lindebroeke Press. If you haven't had the chance to make her encounter during her pop-up at the gorgeous Isoude this summer, head on over and read a little bit about this artist and stationer. You will be glad you did. 

Photo credit: Jeff Soderbergh

Speaking of wildly talented! Furniture maker, artist and curator of all fine things sustainable, Jeff Soderbergh, opened his studio and showroom this weekend (you might know his lovely wife Natasha of Karol Richardson!!). I could not be happier for Jeff and his roster of incredible artists. Be sure to check it out at 549 Park Avenue, Portsmouth, RI 02871. Tel (401) 845-9087 and see more about Jeff on Instagram @jeffsoderbergh CONGRATS JEFF & NATASHA!!

Happy weekend from our family to yours
See you in the gallery and online. Much love XO Kristen

The Shop Stats
Most overall viewed on website this week: Colorful Farmland by Michelle Brunner
Best seller this week artist Tom Deininger
New work in the gallery by Helen Hadley 

Composed listening to my playlist Christmas Coates while thinking about having a drink at dinner with friends tonight!

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