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This week has been a dream. Getting settled into Miami life and finally painting was exactly what I needed. I know this sounds silly, but I am so proud of my ability to get to this place and the great satisfaction of feeling accomplished in what I set out to start this year with The Coates Residency. Although I don’t think I could ever sustain traveling continuously and nonstop, this month long stint has been incredible and I look forward to sharing my new found ideas and inspirations with you very soon. And perhaps even as exciting, forthcoming travel as that unfolds.  

This coming Tuesday at 10am I will launch my new series, Love Letters, just in time to order for Valentines and Galentines! These sweet collage paintings are meant to resemble old-timey letters and have little quotes on the back only known to the giver and receiver, like a real love letter. I can't wait to post them! 

Thank you to everyone that has been asking about workshops. It has been amazing to hear the meaningful stories that have come from workshops and how much people resonate with them. I think after moving the store last year and doing so many monthly workshops it was great to take a break and think about hosting classes in a more thoughtful and effective way. Today I posted on my website Big Abstracts happening the first week in February. This is my only planned workshop for 2020 and I wanted to make it super special. It’s a two part painting class where all the participants take home not only their own original artwork, but also a custom art kit so you can keep painting and creating long after the workshop. Sign up here - there are only 6 spots!

Photo credit: Miami Design District

It’s been so good to paint here in Miami and get started on commissions and a couple of new series I will show at the gallery so soon, but this coming week will be all about getting a bunch of must-sees and must-dos off my list. My friend said something funny this week about not bothering me with an order because I was on vacation. Although I am not at home in Newport, I am very much still at work and very much taking orders! Speaking of which, I have two openings left for February commissions if you’re thinking about art. In the meantime, I'll be absorbing as much as I can as my Miami residency comes to a close all too soon! 

Happy weekend from our family to yours
See you in the gallery and online. Much love XO Kristen

The (Online) Shop Stats 
Most overall viewed on website this week: Ridgemere Winter By Kristen Coates This piece is so much better in person! Text for video or to schedule an appointment to see in person (401) 684-0211
Best seller this week artwork by Michael J. Paddon
New work in the gallery by artist Nancy Parsons
Composed listening to techno next door and drinking a glass of Sancerre because it's summer in South Beach!


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