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A dear friend of mine from Sweden gave me two lovely books, Fika and Lagom, that I have found to be really inspiring and have lead me to enjoy winter in a way I have never experienced. The Swedes really have the colder months figured out. Taking more time each day to think about the season and to practice small ways to appreciate it has given me new perspective these frosty days. I have been taking time very early every morning to stand outside with the dogs in our yard sometimes in the sun, sometimes watching snow fall or ice melt, almost always in my pajamas and a coat. I have found it to be refreshing and a time for setting an intention for the day. Lacy Phillips had a guest on her podcast last week who talked about walking in all sorts of weather. I think I might start walking more regularly in nature. You can find the podcast here. I will take any suggestions on where to walk on Aquidneck Island in nature. 

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For a bit of New England long weekend inspiration, check out this blog post from Liza. She and her twin Alie went on a road trip to Maine where they found locally made Pet Nat and oysters and a snowy landscape perfect for hiking and taking photos. Read all about it here. I highly recommend the audiobook Greenlights, authored and read by Matthew McConaughey and Stanley Tucci’s Taste, also read by the author for this or any other road trip. Both books are filled with lovely stories and the actors bring color and life to a long drive with their unique and entertaining personalities. 


I went the other way and headed straight for Miami as the layers of ice built up around the house. Unusual for me, I spend almost the entire time poolside or on the beach with Michael and just one day doing museums. Not unusual for me, I ate more meals than normal at all times of the day just to get in all the amazing new restaurants (and a couple of favorites) we have missed over the last couple of years. I wrote up a quick post here. 


Back in Newport and wonderfully recharged from a week off, I am finishing up a really fun collection of vibrantly colored paintings to release this Friday at noon. If you follow my private account @kristencoatesart on Instagram, you will get special pricing for Friday only (and if you're not on Instagram, text 401-684-0211 for a price list). In the meantime, I am updating this section of our site with new artwork almost daily. There are some fantastic pieces in store and online to check out. 


There is much happening behind the scenes these days. Updates at the store are underway. We have reopened with limited hours Friday -Saturday - Monday 12-4pm and Sunday 12-3pm. Thank you so much for all of your online orders, appointments and virtual shopping. I have work from a dozen new artists almost ready to put up in the gallery and online. On February 18 I will share a special release of my own art. 


Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen

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