How to eat your way through Miami Beach

On one of the coldest days of the year (so far) I hopped on a plane with Michael to get a little sun and rest before a busy month of work. I am typically not big on resting on vacation, but this one was much needed. What I did not realize is how hungry I could be resting. So here’s the lowdown on our favorite eats this trip. I apologize for the crumby images in advance - I was clearly too busy enjoying the ambiance, meal and company to be bothered with snapping clear imagery. 

The Standard Miami is not technically South Beach, but close enough and worth the two minute trip over the bridge to the Venetian Islands. If you're heading over during the day, the newly imagined Cafe is brilliantly expanded to include more coffee, juice and now breakfast sandwiches and bowls. I loved the passion fruit parfait and the One Hander sandwich totally needs two hands. Be sure to grab a latte and fresh pressed juice. Now if you're there in the evening, the new Monterrey Bar is now officially open and the cocktails are spectacular. Don't see something you like on the menu? Danesh will whip up something you will want to drink forever more. 

There is no restaurant more charming than Casa Tua, or perhaps more filling! The cacchio e pepe was divine, but the cavatelli was dream. Michael thoroughly enjoyed a tray of jamon iberico and I indulged in a burrata and salad. It was so good we floated out of the restaurant and into bed to dream of pillowy pasta by candlelight. 

On the rainiest day of our trip, we ventured over to The Rubell Family Collection - which is a must see in my opinion for art - and stayed on site for lunch at Leku. I loved sitting in the covered garden with the threat of more rain. The Sancerre was perfect and each plate artfully executed. It was a real feast for the eyes.

On this same afternoon, we tried to visit with Peter Tunney, but Wynwood Walls is a real mess these days with tourists and ticketing. Such a shame. In better news, the shioshito wasabi cauliflower at KYU is still worth the drive over. As is the Sancerre.

That evening we stopped over at The Drexel - why I did not get a picture of this amazing meal I will never know, but trust me - this is the spot in Miami for dinner right now. The service was incredible. We were seated without a reservation (I don't think this will be the case for very long once work gets out) and the food... chef's kiss. Light Italian fare has not been done this well for us since we were in Naples. 


This is the beach. I don't particularly love beach club food for a myriad of reasons. It's far from the kitchen, it's expensive, it's never totally healthy (except The Real Coconut in Tulum!) and the menus always feel alcohol heavy and I can't day drink on the beach. I bring you the solution! Uber Eats delivery La Sandwicherie to you. You might have to walk to meet your courier and we experienced a couple of cancellations - unlike a typical Uber Eats order, your courier has to actually commit to ordering the food for you as La Sandwicherie does not have an affiliation. But it took all of 3 minutes longer and we had our magical croissants stuffed with all the filling and toppings we could ever want. Don't forget to order chips. 

If you like a vibrant, almost nightclub feel, might I suggest The Mandrake. Okay, fine, it's fine dining in a full on rave complete with 100 ft dancing paper dragon. We skipped The Mandrake this time and tried the newly opened Tropezón and sat at the bar after we were 3 minutes past our 15 minute grace period of being late to sit at a table outside. It was a blessing though because we got to sit and chat with Sarah, the incredible bartender and were encouraged to order way more dishes than we would have on our own. The vibe was lively and the people there were all gorgeous and brimming with style. Don't miss this Andalusian gin and tapas bar on your next trip to South Beach.

PS. It's right next door to The Drexel, which we heard has a great bar in the basement that we totally missed because we were too buys putting gobs of delicious food in our mouths. This area is anchored by Espanola Way, a tiny walking street, filled with lots to see and even more to eat. 

 Pane e Vino is certainly a special place (can you tell I love Italian?!) and I think this might need to be our last night in town restaurant forever more. The service was impeccable, relaxed and fun. The ambiance was lovely, much like being in an Italian bistro. The food and wine was perfect and we loved it. 

Let me know if you try any of these spots or if you have your own. I feel like this trip was about trying new spots, but we will always love Via Emilia No 9, Pubelly, Machialina and Bodega as old standbys plus about a dozen others!

Viva Miami Eats

XO Kristen 

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