Digest = me + a possible glass of wine + reflection the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into future happenings. You're Welcome.   

On the pursuit of happiness. 

Life has a funny way of showing up for you when you surrender to it all happening for you. I can’t say it all has gone to plan in 2024, but being in a constant state of joie de vivre has allowed for all wonderful things to fall into place.

You might have seen on my Instagram or in my newsletter, my Coffee Table Book Club - this is less of an event and more about having books curated for you by yours truly. Think of book stacks for your coffee table, collections for your library and titles you will keep on your night stand all selected through the lens of an artist and designer. I have been helping clients for years with their libraries and I’m so happy to officially be offering it through the gallery. You can find more details here. There are a whole bunch of options from a single book to a series or stack all the way to having your library fully curated.  You can learn more by emailing me questions you might have hello@kristencoates.net

Image Constance Gennari

Today I am sharing a small project I’ve been working on for about a year and I’m now ready to offer through the gallery. You might remember the intro from last year, Forgotten Island, where I sourced found objects to use as vases full of beautifully arranged flowers with stylist and friend Natalie Roy for Mother’s Day. Now you can find a new Instagram page for Forgotten Island: sourced art, objects and furnishings. I truly believe in sourcing pieces that may have been forgotten or perhaps need a new purpose. This is something I’ve been doing since I was a little girl antiquing with my mom and scouring finds at flea markets with my dad. It brings me great joy to find something overlooked and find a new home for it. I almost didn’t share this as something I have available through the store, but the trip I’m on now kept reminding me how much I love it. You can see items and find lots of inspiration here.

Since being in Palm Springs I’ve been trying to swim every day and soak up as much sun as I can. It’s been a blessing, but I’m ready to paint so I think we will see some new work in the coming weeks and probably months inspired by the desert and the sweet joys of California dreaming. In the meantime I posted a bunch of new artwork here and dozens of objects here - how cute are the egg candle cartons?! They’re just about sold out but there’s a few left as well as all the twisted candles in cotton candy colors. It must mean spring is on the way!

Image Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch is a designer I’ve been closely following for years. He opened a new gallery space in New York City I cannot wait to see. Explore here.

I keep getting snow alerts from Newport. If you’re in need of snow removal or regular yard cleaning up, my nephew Trevor started his own company - he’s been doing our yard for years now and we highly recommend.
Coates Landscaping (401) 536-4882 Call/Text 

Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen


How is everyone doing? 
Are you living an extraordinary life, have you surrendered to anything? 
I've been feeling extra introverted recently and just today as the wind shifted in the desert I've felt a wave of creativity bubble to the surface. Thank god really.

The shop has been busy - stop in and see Heidi, Courtney and MaryLou as they fill in while I'm working remotely. And if you're thinking of booking a commission, I have 2 spots in April and 1 in May xoxo


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