The Sunday Night Digest = me + glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into happenings next week. You're Welcome. 

Guys, this was one year ago today. Well yesterday because of the leap year? Either way, it was a year ago that I left my beloved Bowen's Wharf location only to learn that my current store was waiting for me up the street on Bellevue Avenue. It hasn't been an easy year, but it was all worth it and I am so excited to be heading into year two of this venue (omg and year 9 as a Newport gallerist I am just seeing as I write this). I am shocked to realize this photo was taken just 12 months ago - a lot can happen in a year!

It has been so lovely to hear all of the great feedback about the Hammetts Hotel project and I cannot tell you how much your enthusiasm and words of encouragement have meant to me! A lot of you have asked about booking the hotel for special events, pre-booking for weddings later in the year and a whole menagerie of other inquiries I am not qualified to answer, but I am very happy to share their website with you as they start to build it to be able to answer all of your questions and fulfill your booking needs! 

Kristen Coates Gingys Candles custom

These are just about the sweetest candles I've ever made for my friends at Gingys and their new store in Wayne, Pennsylvania. I love creating custom fragrances and this time was no different! Working with Betsy from start to finish made it more of a creative hangout than work project and I just love seeing our co-branded product heading to a shelf near you! See more about this lovely family company and get your own Happy Hour candle with notes of gardenia, honeysuckle and grapefruit. 

Kristen Coates Bernadette Heydt Bowler Lane

After a brief hiatus with my Ten Questions (why does it take me until March to get back on the track I was on the week before Christmas?!), I am so excited to share with you a little insider interview with one of my favorite ladies, Bernadette Heydt. Bernadette is not only a long time friend (along with most of her family!), but she is co-owner of Bowler Lane with her husband Andrea, where I have my studio and she has made my dreams of art filled days inside a gorgeous studio of my own come true and yes she is the creative behind all of the aesthetic updates at Bowler Lane since I've been a tenant! Check out the post to read more about Bernadette and her love for all things beautifully designed. 

I have been a little quiet about revealing all the details about my trip in January and the inaugural installment of The Coates Residency. Partly because I wanted to keep it for myself for a time and partly because I was so amazed at what I was discovering the more I sat with the experience. It has been incredible to have these feelings and ideas percolating, and now one has totally boiled over! I share My First Takeaway here

And perhaps a little more fun, here's a blog post on 70+ hours of audio entertainment I endured during this 4000+ mile road trip that made me laugh, made me cry, made my blood boil and made me listen long after the car ride ended. THE COATES RESIDENCY: 70+ HOURS OF AUDIO ENTERTAINMENT

This week I have brought in a ton of new work - my own and that of some of our favorites like Angela Deane and our own former gallerist Victoria Duffy! I fear none of it is really online yet, but it's coming and I am very, very excited to have it in the gallery. I hope you get to see it online and in person! 

           Image Credit: NewportFILM

Michael and I are very excited to be on the committee for the 7th Annual NewportFILM friend raiser and would like to personally invite you to join us for some fun 80s music and costumes, cocktails and a raffle we all want to win Saturday, March 7. Added bonus! Our friends and presenting sponsor, Loren Hope, made a commemorative 80s inspired pin just for the event and all proceeds go to benefit NewportFILM! Get your tickets here and your pin here - don't miss the best winter party 7 years strong!!

Happy weekend from our family to yours
See you in the gallery and online. Much love XO Kristen

The Shop Stats 
Most overall viewed on website this week: New Year's Dream By Kent Maxwell
Best seller this week artwork by Wendy Briggs Powell
New work in the gallery and online this week by Angela Deane
Composed listening to Frederic Chopin on Spotify while drinking Echinacea Immune Support Tea after organizing a few things juuuust in case the coronavirus outbreak affects my neighborhood. Here's a good list I found online that's not too over the top should you need it and I think Ryan Belmore sent an informative update in his evening newsletter today. Being a little prepared and moderately aware feels like just the right spot.    

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