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The Sunday Night Digest = me + a possible glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into future happenings. You're Welcome

 Kristen Coates Road Trip Barn Michigan Michael J. Paddon

My newsletter transmissions have been a bit sporadic this summer and not for a lack of wonders to share, but I have been working hard this season and practicing being present to enjoy all of its fruits. We have just returned from the most lovely trip to see family in upper Michigan then on to a few days enjoying the Finger Lakes. Whilst traversing this country I have not only been collecting imagery for what should be a breadth of new work, but I have also been working on a whole bunch of projects launching all through the fall and even this winter into the new year - all very worth the wait I assure you. 

Kristen Coates Patti Rakolta Michael J. Paddon Nick Mele Boys Girls Club Newport RI

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 We recently had the unique pleasure of celebrating Michael's mom, Patti Rakolta, for your 15 years of service to the Boys & Girls Club Newport. The Newport Shipyard hosted the sold out event and we were so happy to be there for it. Congrats Patti! 

Kristen Coates Newport Artist Gallery Candle

Another event this summer was our launch of Secret Beach, our super limited edition summertime candle. Our beachfront picnic co-hosted with my dear friend Linnea was one of the most gorgeous evenings of the summer. Grab one of our summer scented candles here and relish them before the season, and the candles, are gone!


This summer we have embarked on our journey to be a composting home. I was truly happy to learn Black Earth Compost, a collection company, is servicing Newport as we really do not have the ability to compost on our own - I'm pretty sure Mabel would be ruining our chances at every moment to be successful. Not only is Black Earth in our neighborhood, but they are partnering with Clean Ocean Access where you can easily collect your bin and bin liners. So far, we are loving the low maintenance process and feel better for being another home in Newport contributing to composting. To learn more check out this link. 

Kristen Coates Vanderbilt Grace Cocktails Newport RI Gallery

Between work and travel we have not made it out much this summer, save a few dinners (and martinis and dancing) at our beloved Clarke Cooke House, but the other night we had a recurring drink with our dear friends Gabi and Joe at the Vanderbilt Grace library room and it has consistently been lovely. If you're in the neighborhood I highly recommend. 

 Other things I am finding inspiring and / or delicious these days: Disco Cubes, The Attico shoes, This Danny Kaplan Seconds Sale, Patrick Masterson cutting boards and this NY Times recipe

 Kristen Coates Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dogs Michael J. Paddon Newport RI Art Artist Gallery

Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen
Composed while drinking a glass of Avaline and listening to the soundtrack of the Talented Mr. Ripley. Cameron Diaz's wine collection of red, white and rose is fantastic for those (me !!) thinking about refined sugar consumption and reaching for a bottle without added sugars.  In an age where low ABV and non alcoholic options tend to be my go-to, it's nice to have this alternative to a traditional glass where the ingredients are clearly on the label. This is totally not an ad for Avaline, but seriously, try it and tell me what you think. 
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