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 Kristen Coates Sunset Newport RI Art Gallery

Secret summer is upon us friends!

This photo was taken at a near empty Battery Park during one of the most glorious sunsets. I have been obsessed with this weather and the enchanting energy of town. Sofia and Mabel are definitely loving the long, salty walks mostly at the beaches and my studio is positively buzzing with new ideas. I have about a dozen pieces almost finished we will likely see in the gallery over the next week plus half a dozen commissions almost finished. It’s times like this that I love being a painter so very much. 

Kristen Coates Art Gallery newport RI

It was always just you and me and the sea By Kristen Coates

There are so many larger projects I have in the hopper too! I am just about ready to share, but it’s likely going to be about another month before I'm really ready and then a few announced closer to the end of the year or maybe January. I am terrible at keeping secrets, but these are all worth the wait. I am really excited to share some of these moments with you.  Kristen Coates Andrew Faris Art Gallery Newport RIBack in stock at the shop - our Yacht Club candle which is decidedly our best selling candle of the season, Ruthis Somers’ and Nick Mele’s A Newport Summer book, and a fabulous collection of framed pieces by Andrew Faris (soon to be online, but feel free to email me for a preview

Kristen Coates Newport Art Gallery Artist Covid Art Museum

Image Covid Art Museum 

A few other things I’m finding inspiring or at the least intriguing this week. This can be triggering, but wow did I feel grateful for how far we have come after someone showed this Covid Art Museum to me. Our new favorite cocktail at home is a spin on the traditional spritz (recipe below). I picked up a few pots of giant basil plants while passing Stop & Shop on Bellevue this week - highly recommend. Christian Siriano’s collection at New York Fashion Week was my favorite and I loved the use of Elizabeth Taylor’s former townhouse as the backdrop. The Queen's quote referenced in the President's speech today on the attacks on September 11, "Grief is the price we pay for love". 


Kristen Coates Cavalier Sofia Mabel Newport Art Gallery Artist

Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen

Kristen Coates Gallery Newport Artist Art Vanderbilt

This summer's best cocktail spritz
1 Part Hendrick's Gin - 1 Part Compari 
Serve over ice, top with club soda and garnish with a lemon twist
Enjoy, preferably with a sea view
Composed while drinking a glass of Kin Bloom because I totally subscribe to "Beaming Joy". 
Top artist this week: Kristen Coates, thank you!
Most viewed piece this week: Confetti Dancing On The Ceiling
Most coveted object in the store: Laura Park Pillows, swoon
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