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Kristen Coates Farmer's Daughter Rhode Island Shopping Gallery Artist painter

The Farmer’s Daughter is so spectacular this time of year as they transition from farm stand and end of season sale to fall decor and Halloween fun times. Our window box at the gallery is thanking me for my recent visit. 

 Kristen Coates Artist Bellevue Gallery Newport RI Audrain Concours Museum Weekend Motor Week

Image Audrain Museum

It feels like every weekend is a big event this fall in newport and I’m here for it. This coming weekend we will celebrate Audrain Newport Concours and Motor Week Thursday, September 29th-Sunday, October 2nd. The shop will be open all four days 11am-4pm if you want to pop over on your way to or from the show. There are so many great events - check them out here. 

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Finding inspiration and food for thought here - Home Made Basics - I made the crazy good recipe for Zucchini bread this week to eat with homemade vegetable soup (it's more bready than loafy) - this gorgeous book from one of my favorite cookbook authors is in stock and there are so many brilliant recipes. NYT reports on dresses from NYFW, the Pineapple dress is a vibe fit for Newport, daydreaming about Tourists midweek peeps offer, living for this combination of LED Anti aging mask with this Bon Charge ice roller. Slow Roads Spotify Autumn Playlist on repeat in my studio this week. 

Kristen Coates Bellevue Artist Gallery Newport RIHappy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen


Top artist this week: Andrew Faris
Most viewed piece this week: Confetti Dancing On The Ceiling
Most coveted object in the store: Laura Park Pillows, swoon
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