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Ocean Garden 

Friday I managed to have a photoshoot at our house, attend to a bit of work then get to both the opening at the Newport Art Museum and book club! The general consensus was that Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow was a worthy read! Our friend Ben hosted beautifully, the conversation was lively and Michael thoroughly enjoyed the champagne and caviar. Our next book is Allison Larkin's The People We Keep - you will have to tell me what you think of it. The Q&A with Mattie this weekend at the gallery was super fun. We loved doing this (oops, save the technical difficulties) and I think there will be more in future. 

Hats off to Lizzy Young and all those participating in the inaugural Newport Rare Book Fair. The venue was the perfect backdrop and we found a handful of sweet  Newport community cookbooks including one for our beehive oven! 

And finally, it's been ELEVEN years of gallery life in Newport for me. We are going to celebrate next weekend and have so, so much fun! I hope you will join us. 

Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen


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  • Eleven FABULOUS years of gallery life!!!
    Congratulations and well done, Kristen!!

    Kathy Wallace on

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