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We recently had the pure joy of celebrating the birthday of one of our dearest friends. Michael and the guest of honor pictured here. Such a fete left me feeling the holiday season is just around the corner and I think a gallery schedule is worth sharing. It’s time to break out your calendars and pen us in!

Before preparing to paint vs Preparing to paint

Image Castor Fleuriste

Thursday, November 26 Happy Thanksgiving 

Saturday, November 25 11am-5pm Our Annual Holiday Open House

November 27 - December 8 Book your own holiday sip and shop. This is where you can come with your friends, family and/or colleagues and shop the store with cocktails and a charcuterie board, we help you with everyone on your list and your guests. Then we wrap and deliver it all right to your door. As host you get a few extra perks from me too! 

A few of these nights I’m hosting so just let me know if you want to come as my guest instead of hosting your own! To book or Rsvp hello@kristencoates.net

For any of our friends that love the concierge personal shopper type experience we have given in the past (and you cannot book your own festive sip and shop) I am taking on only a few clients this year so please be in touch sooner than later. 

With the intention of reimagining our candle collection in the near future, we have approximately 80 of our Newport Tree Lighting candles in stock as opposed to our normal 400… so get them while they’re here by emailing hello@kristencoates.net 


Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen

Most popular art in the gallery: Kristen Coates Art - Thank you!
Most popular items in the store Italian Tumbler Glassware

If you have an order here that you have yet to pick up, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! But let’s get them all by 12/31 

Commission Openings: (2) November, (1) December; book your commission now by emailing hello@kristencoates.net


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