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I hope you have been enjoying the Black Friday Flash Sale and all the festive postings on my Instagram stories this week. It sure did give me some holiday cheer to decorate the store and have all the greenery done by Brigid Finn Fine Gardening. Yesterday I took a moment to remember the almost decade long tradition of hosting a holiday open house at the shop in it's various locations from Newport to New York City. Did you know this is the very event where I met Michael for the first time so many years ago? New York Magazine named it one of the city's best bets! It's also the time I see so many of you and catch up over a Belafonte Cocktail or sprig of mistletoe. It has always been a bit of a holiday tradition for my sister to come by the shop and help this weekend too, which of course we are not doing, but instead we sent one another photos of our holiday decor... believe it or not, she goes way beyond anything I could ever do! I think her tree might actually sing this year. I said to a friend today, if missing a party is what I miss most this year, I feel truly blessed to be where I am. And for those of you feeling that holiday loneliness and isolation a little earlier this year, just know we are all here and we are all feeling it in different ways. Do something nice for yourself, I find painting, writing and a walk does it for me. I'm lucky to have Mabel and Sofia in their matching sweaters to get me out of doors these days. 
The Black Friday sale ends tonight, but the Cyber Monday sale starts now for all of you reading this. Use code WOW30 for 30% off everything in the store on orders over $100* + free shipping* *there are few exceptions to both, but I am sure you will find something wonderful in the next 24 hours as this sale is as short as it is sweet!  

Happy weekend from our family to yours
These two are finally on the road to being best friends and it's really cute!
Much love XO Kristen

The Shop Stats 
Most overall viewed on website this week Endless Frontier By Kent Maxwell
Best seller this week artwork by Kristen Coates, thank you!
Composed while sipping a little Beaujolais Nouveau from my friends at Grapes & Gourmet in Jamestown

For those making appointments for curbside pickup (don't you love the new scheduling app? we do!), please be kind, wear a mask and keep some space so we can all feel safe. And if you have any symptoms of feeling unwell go ahead and stay home. We will ship your order to you for free! 

If you are receiving this on a day that is not Sunday, it's because our email system sends out a second time, later in the week, to those that have not opened their email on Sunday...

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