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Image Shannon Hammond

This summer has been a dream! And I know it’s not over just yet, but I’m diving deep like every warm day could be the last. Here in Newport we have been savoring each sunny day and taking in picnics at the shoreline, mid afternoon dips and even a few later than usual evenings with good food and good friends. And our annual August trip abroad just wrapped up with enough time to be back in time for my favorite time of year... secret summer. 


Image Shannon Hammond

The gallery is ablaze with new artwork and literally dozens of Michael’s photographs. We even have a couple of my aunt, Nancy’s (Nancy Parsons), divers left in store. I’m reminded of that old Dunkin Donuts ad, “Time to make the doughnuts!” every time I open a new shipment of canvas. And I’m here for it. I have loved painting more these days than ever and it’s been wonderful to see new worlds unfold in my work. I can’t tell you how amazing it has been to receive such a warm response from all of you even after all these years. Wow! Thank you - I’m going to keep going and paint more!!

Confetti Subtle High Tide By Kristen Coates 

For now, I hope you are getting to soak up the warm rays of summer and maybe even getting to Newport ! We love seeing so many familiar faces and for those that can’t make it in you can follow along on Instagram or take a deep dive into our online gallery here. There are so many new Confetti Paintings!


Image Sarah Bahbah Dear Love

A few things I’ve been inspired by and enjoying recently: Alexis Smart Beauty Formula No. 9, GoopGenes Lift + Depuff Eye Masks (life altering), this Lingua Franca BlazerThe Creative Act By Rick Rubin Audiobook, CHANI Planetary candles and Sarah Bahbah’s book Dear Love. I’ve been swimming almost everyday and I love this list of spots in Newport. 


Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen


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