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Image Sarah Petrarca

What an extraordinary couple of months it has been for the gallery. It has taken me a moment to catch up with my thoughts and I’ve been making it a point to be more mindful of being present in the moment and fully experiencing this crazy cool life in real time. Getting to a computer or on social to post has been a little foreign and I really have so much to share over the coming months. Like this photo story I did with photographer Shannon Hammond and stylist Natalie Roy. This so captured my everyday painterly life and I loved having it documented so beautifully. 


Every once in a while I will have a moment in the gallery with a perfect stranger, one of the truest connection where they really see me and my work. I don’t know if there is something in the air or what is going on with me this summer, but it seems I am having these synchronistic experiences almost on a daily basis and I absolutely love it. As busy as it has been in the gallery I have been twice as busy in the studio. My commission schedule is closed until fall, but I have 16+ new pieces on the way into the gallery and Michael has almost two dozen! And my aunt, Nancy Parsons, just brought in a whole bunch of divers and polo pieces you can see here. But before I get too carried away we are very ready to move a few extra pieces in the gallery - so if you’ve been thinking about something, here’s a couple of lucky ideas for you !

Confetti NYC By Kristen Coates 

Image Sarah Petrarca

We celebrated ELEVEN years in the gallery a couple of weeks ago with a few friends and Sarah Petrarca was lovely enough to take a few photos for us you can check out here

I am so grateful! Mattie and Mary Lou have been taking such great care of the gallery and adding all the new inventory to our website. You can check it out here - or better yet, come in and see it for yourself. Complimentary shipping !

Alright, signing off here and returning to the million and one things in the hopper for July - with any luck I’ll remember to photograph and write it all down so I can share with all of you. Hope to see you in the gallery and be sure to make an offer on your favorite piece - I really do consider them all !

Happy weekend from our family to yours!
XO Kristen

Most popular art in the gallery: Nancy Parsons Polo & Diver Series

Commission Openings: (1) in September, (2) November, (1) December; book your commission now by emailing hello@kristencoates.net

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