Love Note VIII

Kristen Coates

As I shift my intentions to more meaningful art and objects in my own life, I can't help but apply this same sentiment to my shop life. So many of us are separated these days I wanted to create a series that could be given individually or in pairs. I made a limited set of 12 Love Note paintings in hopes they would be hung in pairs or even in a way where the giver kept one for themselves, a token to always be reminded of the recipient of the other and therefore creating a sort of long-lasting source of love. 

This series of paintings represents how I feel about love itself. At times warm and fiery, sometimes a bit more subtle and even other times very complicated and walking around an imaginary fine line. My favorite is the varnish over each piece in places a perfect sheen that makes me so happy and others a bit drippy and messy... like love itself. XO Kristen 

Love Note VIII, 2021
By Kristen Coates
6"H x 6"W
Mixed media on canvas

This piece has been sold. If you have interest in a commission, please contact us at this link.

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