I Was Falling In Love By Kristen Coates

Nothing But Blue Skies By Nancy Parsons

I Winter In Newport is a group show of all women artists residing and creating in resort towns. During the off season in these settings one is able to delve deep into their practice without distraction and thus producing works from a special place of meditative thought.

Newport tends to be a three season destination for most with all of our sailing and outdoor events geared toward summer and early fall with those anxious for even a day trip arrive in spring. For the locals lucky enough to call this place home, we get that fourth season to tend to all that goes forgotten during the busy times. For artists, this is the golden hour. Left to our studios, our materials and thoughts without the lure of waterfront activities under sunny blue skies we are able to tap into our truest processes. In my opinion, it is when the best work is born. 

Day Dream By Mathilde Wadson

This all woman show is comprised of paintings by Nancy Parsons, Victoria Duffy and Kristen Coates along with collages by Mathilde Wadson. The use of mixed media materials from paper to surfboards exhibits the artist's ideas leaving the traditional canvas and moving to new ideas and mediums. 

Return To Self By Victoria Duffy

The paintings in this collection are both more expertly executed as seen with Nancy Parson's diver pieces and with Victoria Duffy's seascapes, or series are further explored like with Kristen Coates' Confetti and Falling In Love. When the artist has more undivided time in the studio, the possibilities are endless. 

Tulips On The Coast By Kristen Coates

Exclusively online, I Winter In Newport will bring a much needed colorful infusion of brilliance for the mind even if the weather outside our studio windows is not cooperating. 

Confetti I Winter In Newport By Kristen Coates

I Winter In Newport runs Sunday, January 29 - Sunday, February 19
You may find the entire collection here online and here to see the show in viewing rooms with our partner Artsy.

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