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Digest = me + a possible glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into future happenings. You're Welcome.

2022 Was a difficult year for me and my flock. The only silver lining I’ve been able to gain from it all is that with every loss I find strength in living my life more fully, more authentically and with more love and gratitude than I had the day prior. Hold your loved ones close, make time to be present with them and yourself and cherish the memories we have of those that are no longer here with us physically.  

Photo Sarah Petrarca

Fortunately for all the sorrow, there’s also been so much heart throbbing joy too. I’ve spent a lot more time with family and friends in a more meaningful way. The store has been more my vision and attracting all the people I want orbiting my world. My studio has been filled non stop with new work and commissions from January right through the last day of the year. The big interior design project I’ve been working on (and cannot wait to share with you this spring) is finally coming to fruition and the client, my dear friend, and I are pinching ourselves because it’s so good it doesn’t feel real ! What a marvelous New Year's Day it has been to reflect on all of this good fortune. 2023 Is looking quite bright from here already. 

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Thank you to everyone that came out for Luke Brenner SURF. As the show comes to a close I am happy to say we were near sell out in less than a month of time and raised $722 for Clean Ocean Access. I chatted with Luke this weekend and he is already busy in the studio creating more work for the gallery. We can't wait to share it with you!

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One of my favorite things this time of year is to entertain and open our house to friends and family. We hosted our second annual black tie party the week before Christmas to celebrate the season and Michael's birthday. Our home was so warm and brimming with love, an evening I will keep with me forever. 

Another very exciting thing I did this year was to partner with Artsy as a gallery on their platform. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue sharing art and shows from my little corner of the world, but now with a global reach and a world of collectors I can't wait to introduce to the work I love and show. We of course will keep showing work on my site and in the gallery, but there's something elegant about this site that makes viewing art that much better. If you are a collector on Artsy, or care to join (it's free and takes about a minute) please follow me and check out our online shows and viewing rooms as they come together in 2023 and beyond. Here's the link to Artsy

Speaking of the New Year, I am going to share a little tradition Michael and I have been enjoying for years: Hugh Year's Day. It's pretty simple - get some snacks, cozy up with your kids and pets and queue up all your favorite Hugh Grant Movies. This year I tried to jazz things up with a Hugh Jackman movie, but it's just not the same! On to Notting Hill and Love Actually 

Happy weekend and a very prosperous and joyful new year from our family to yours!
XO Kristen

Most loved moments this year
Meeting our dear friend Mary Lou who helped us so much in the store this year
Being included in the group show Ride The Wave at George Billis Gallery
Setting up my studio on the third floor loft of our house
Exploring Venice for the first time and learning more about sustainable living and art collecting on the water in a whole new was from one of the oldest cities
Honoring Michael's Mom for her work with Boys and Girls Club Newport 

We published and distributed more than 1000 copies of our first Newspaper
Hosted a candle launch dinner on the beach with my good friend Linnea 
Had artist and friend Jemme Aldridge at the shop for a painting pop up 
Painted plein aire on Lake Michigan
Traveled with Michael to take photos for our upcoming show in early 2023
Met hundreds of new clients in the store and virtually
Got to show more than a dozen artists in the gallery this year
Spent a whole lot of time balancing family life / studio / gallery / travel in the best way possible

Shop Stats for 2022
Most viewed artwork from the year Still Life By Alicia Quaini
Top selling artist Kristen Coates - thank you!
Best selling series - it's a tie between Confetti and Unusual Colors!
Most admired artworks still available Confetti Garden Party, Positano (Vertical), The Distance Between Us Summer Neon, Flux, Confetti Funhouse, Capri, Fields Apart 
We sold more than 500 pieces of art - including 18 commissions - and 1500 candles - thank you all so much for such a fabulous year of art, love and connection!

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