A long, long time ago. 

The Sunday Night Digest = me + glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings and a glimpse into happenings next week. You're Welcome.

Anyone that has known me for a really long time can attest to my lifestyle as a rocketing unicorn dancing through fountains of champagne probably noticed my Light dimmed a little a few years ago when my mom got sick and then subsequently passed away - exactly four years ago yesterday. I don’t think you would notice this shift, this period of deep grief I absorbed when the woman I radiated from my entire life left this world had you not known me prior. Or maybe you did and you're a good friend and didn't mention it. 

I am not sure where I would be or if I would be where I am today, alive, sane, human without the enormous love and support I have received from Michael, Sofia, my sister, Kim & Larry, my friends and this community I collectively call the store - which in reality is a place where all of my closest relationships have been built in the last 8 years, a source of energy and existence when I was not sure I had enough of my own to survive the fatigue of heartache and where I can express myself and show the world what it means to love and be loved in the name of art and design. 

It has taken five years to be able to feel this good again and I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping in or liking a post, buying a book or  an investment piece of art and for letting me know something I posted was inspiring to you and my store is your favorite. It’s my favorite too and obviously much more than a store for me. 

I am a believer that whatever your intentions are for New Years Eve you follow that intention for the following 12 months. For the last several years I’ve been home in Newport and basically resting my soul. This year I will set out on a new adventure, The Coates Residency, where I will travel near and far and flex those old unicorn muscles as I try to dance into the universe again with a newfound Light, collect some inspiration and bring it back to my studio wherever that may be and create new work for my store (however virtual or physical that may be, but rest assured the Newport store will reopen in March). It’s an abstract concept for an abstract kind of girl and the more I try to articulate it, the more I realize it’s not totally written and that’s what makes it so exciting. Here’s to you and us and everything in between this magical world. Much love and gratitude, XO Kristen

PS Our online auction is still going until tomorrow and will end at 8pm. There are still tons of things left in our sale section too!

Happy weekend from our family to yours

See you in the gallery this spring and online until then. Be sure to follow along, post recommendations and see what happens next in my travels with #coatesinresidence.

Much love XO Kristen

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  • Hold that unicorn horn high girl! Radiate onward!

    liz drayton on

  • You go, girl!
    You have accomplished so much…..bothpersonally and professionally.
    We are proud of you and look forward to your new adventures with gleeful anticipation!!
    Have your way with 2020 and beyond!!

    Kathy Wallace on

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