The Sunday Night Digest = me + glass of wine + reflection on the previous weeks ongoings. You're welcome. 
Guys! greenlion, my favorite local florist and gardener, is coming to my Bellevue store with a Mother's Day pop-up May 11 & 12. You can order your gorgeous bouquets in advance right here.
Big thanks to Bellevue Beauty Walk for inviting me to hang some work at your gorgeous shop - go check out a couple of my pieces from the Tulum Horizon series - with more to come!

My mother's tree is in full spectacular bloom. Hi Momma. I'm not entirely sure why, but my sister and I both agree that spring is the most difficult to endure without our dear mother with us. A big hug to all my friends feeling the same.

I am thrilled to welcome Allison Meyler to the gallery. Her figurative pieces make my walls feel alive and her expression in color is downright riveting.

Two big installs this week. Our flower awning on the courtyard side... I think this needs to be 4-10 times more grand.

The wildly talented Nicholas Lima perfectly illustrated my grandmother, Joan. Come see it. It is a vision. Nicholas is available for illustration commissions on walls, paper and canvas. 

This is the first week since opening the Bellevue store where I really feel like life is real. Thank you. Thank you for being a part of it. For showing up. For aiding in making my wildest dreams come true. 
I don't have a photo for this one, but major love and a very happy birthday to one of my favorites, Joe Hearn. So excited for you and hope Bobo comes soon because I know he is going to be your biggest gift. We love celebrating with you and Alana and Josephine. 
See you in the gallery and online. Much love. XO Kristen 
The Stats. 
Most viewed on the website Raspberry Sorbet By Loren Hope
Best seller this week is artist Ashley Provencher
Whispers from the gallery "Oh my god, watch your preppy balls?! Genius!" 
Composed listening to Les Jeux d'eux a la Villa d'Estes, S. 163 and drinking a glass of 2016 Ruvei Barrera d'Alba
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